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Low End Movements


This month sees a whole host of great releases coming out. Drum & bass seems to be back on top! We take you through our picks for the month.

Auxcast - Volume Two (Auxiliary)

Auxiliary, as a label pretty much occupies its own plane within electronic music. Nothing else is really comparable to the label, so it is fantastic when we get an album project like "Auxcast Volume Two" as it gives us plenty of music to sink our teeth into in one hit. As you may expect there are high calibre submissions from established Auxiliary regulars like ASC, Sam KDC, Synth Sense and RQ, as well has relative label new comers Adam Elemental and Central Industrial adding to the mix. Top notch stuff.

Metalheadz Platinum Breakz Vol 4 (Metalheadz)

One of drum & bass' most iconic album series returns to the fore in the shape of Metalheadz Platinum Breakz Vol 4. It's been over a decade since the last installment, however now does seem to be the right time musically for the series to continue its legacy. The album offers up all of the different shades that make up the complete Metalheadz sound with artists ranging from FD, Lenzman, Blocks & Escher, Consequence, Loxy, Digital, AI, Calibre and more. Rock solid output from one of drum & bass' true bastions.

Gaunt - Piranha / Percolation (none60)

Gaunt is quickly developing an almost Burial-esque mystique within drum & bass. A fairly anonymous character that doesn't give anything away outside of the music, Gaunt has been turning the heads of Doc Scott and Machinedrum alike. Simply put by Gaunt himself "I make drum & bass for people who don't like drum & bass." Both "Piranha" and "Percolation" play a delicate balance keeping one foot within drum & bass and one foot firmly outside of it. If creativity, originality and a sense of musical rebellion excite you, this release is for you.

Frederic Robinson - Live Signals (Blu Mar Ten Music)

Having interviewed Frederic Robinson recently, we have a real appreciation for what he has done with this LP. Quite possibly our favourite release of 2014 so far, "Live Signals" is going to be something we keep returning to. To make an album that even your mum would like without loosing any of its edge is quite an achievement. Live dynamics, with studio precision, "Live Signals" has universal appeal.

Digital - Shaka Zulu / Archive (Ingredients)

Digital is one of the original old guard. By all accounts he has stamped an indelible mark on drum & bass. Without Digital's influence on the genre you probably wouldn't have the likes of Amit, Skeptical or Breakage making the music they do. His refinement of dub influences has echoed from the 90's right up until today. Well now he's back! Amongst a series of new releases is "Shaka Zulu" and "Archive" on Ingredients, true to form drawing on dub rhythms and the synth stabs that have become Digital's calling card.

CLS - Real Love / One Month (Spearhead Records)

The latest outing for Bcee's Spearhead Records comes in the form of CLS' "Real Love", a Hospital-esque hands in the air number with plenty of youthful vibrancy and big synth riffing. It is however the reverse that is really doing it for us, "One Month". This is a prime time club banger that could easily fit into a Fabio, AI or Lenzman set. Anyone who still uses the term liquid or remembers what it used to be will agree that this is a really keen liquid banger.

Optiv & BTK - Breakthrough / Midnight Nation (2am Remix) (Commercial Suicide)

Following on from several highly tuned releases, Commercial Suicide maintain the high quality, high pace standard with Optiv & BTK's "Breakthrough" and "Midnight Nation (2am Remix)". Powerful production with technical grace is the simplest way to describe this release, although in all honesty they deserve much greater analysis. Jack it up, put your seat belt on and blast it loud.

Agree with my selections this month? Anything I've missed, or anything that I should be checking out for next? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.