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Low End Movements


This months best cuts come in all shapes and forms, from the deep to the simply rolling. Let's check them out.

Tiiu & Faib - All Good Things / Be With Me (Blu Mar Ten Music)

"All Good Things" is a beautifully airy dream of pads and claps delicately woven together with breathless vocals and low end throbs. "Be With Me" has a more sinister tone and moody edge underlying the more glacial musical elements. I feel like these tracks would be equally as comfortable on an O2 advert as they would on any big sound system. This is clean music that sets out its intent early on while still developing core ideas throughout. Cracking stuff from the BMTM camp as usual.

RQ - Sound of Dawn EP (DAWN)

Normally when a new label launches, it takes a few releases for the aesthetic and feel to start become cohesive and make sense in context to the music. RQ's DAWN label however instantly feels natural and fitting. Launching with the "Sound Of Dawn EP" we see tracks "Follow U", "Gossamer" and "起死回生" lay out the intent for future musical experimentation. A captivating launch to a exciting label.

DAAT - Fridge / Apache (Detuned Transmissions)

"Fridge" has been dirtying the musical landscape to critical acclaim over the last month with support from BBC Radio 6 Music, Rinse FM and Mixmag all confirming this one as a cult favorite. The prelude to the "HVAC LP" due at the end of June, this is a taste of what to expect. The same goes for "Apache" on the flip, a solid piece of wax turned out by the DAAT lads.

Critical Presents Binary Vol 1 - Hyroglifics (Critical)

Hyroglifics is the latest in a long line of artists to turn their hand to the juke/jungle/bass sound that dominated most of last year. If I'm honest, i'm not sure we need more of the sound now, however "Bay City Ballers Club" and "Killamanaman" are solid efforts with enough balls to mash up any dance. For me, the winner of the show is "My Own", a glimmering funk riddled morning after affair glowing with off beats, sleazy samples and an array of cut-off effects.

Various Artists - Integral Select (Integral)

Integral have done a fantastic job on this LP bringing together artists that each compliment each others sound making for a cohesive listen. Holdtight make a welcome return having been off the radar since 2010 while more recent favorites Command Strange and SCAR contribute some fantastic bread and butter drum & bass. Alix Perez's remix of Zero T's "Refusal" is the obvious anthem here, reworking the 2007 classic liquid anthem, however the whole LP is likely to be moving dance floors for some time to come.

Agree with my selections this month? Anything I've missed, or anything that I should be checking out for next? Get in touch via or hit me at @organicbeats on Twitter.