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Low End Movements : End Of Year Pt 1

Rob Eves
low end movements pt 1

We are at the arbitrary point in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun which is deemed to mark the cycle’s end, so what better excuse than to have a look back over the last 12 months of the very best, and the worst, music that 2012 had to offer?

A festive “EASY” to one and all. Peace on Earth and big ups all men. Yes we have indeed arrived at that arbitrary point in the Earth’s orbit around the Sun which is deemed to mark the cycle’s end, so what better excuse than to have a glance back over the last 12 months at some of the very best, and the worst, music that 2012 had to offer?

All of us here at Organic HQ have been soldiering away to narrow down a year’s worth of fanatical music appreciation to bring you our top 10 faves, and we proudly present it to you in two parts- this is the first and later in the week, part two will complete our mini advent calendar of bass.

Let the controversy commence!

Ollie Rich (Web design)

10. Boddika & Joy- Mercy
A tune which for some reason as soon as it was released had every man and his dog selling it on Discogs for £60. Why? It was caned by everyone who's anyone. I literally ran around the whole of London to find this on vinyl because some mug had put them all on discogs. A monster of a track that has you going “eeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”

9. Omar S & Ob Ignitt- Wayne County Hill Cop's (Omar S Mix)

If I did drugs I'd imagine this is what it sounds like coming up and rushing your tits off. It takes for ever to build but by the time it has you'll be singing the main hook's melody like a drunk 16 year girl from Maidstone. Do do do doo doo do do…

8. Andrés- New For U
One of Detroit's finest DJ Dez, Slum Village’s old DJ, continues delivering and refitting his blend of Detroit house, hip hop and groove his own way. No need to draw Moodymann, Theo Parrish or Dilla comparisons. This, the first release on own his label delivers Barry White-esque wails with ridiculous groove and sweeping strings.

7. Rhye- The Fall (Maurice Fulton Alt Remix)
Boogie wins every time. This is what Parliament would sound like today if they were still going. Beware of the hand clap, it's infectious.

6. fLako- Mating Dance

fLako, or as he's known by his singing porn star alter ego Dirg Gerner, will be all over 2013, you mark my words. Working across a wide range of tempos and styles this bookends the year nicely as an insight of more to come. Just go through his small back catalog and you'll see what I mean.

5. Lorn– Ghosst

Remember when that skull step shit used to be all the rage? Well if some of those producers grew up it would probably sound a bit like this. Don't confuse him with Lone, or even with the original Ghost or Ghost(s) edits which are awful crooning numbers; this is barbaric and stripped down to its rawness.

4. Funkineven- Phoneline (feat. Fatima)
Not many tunes make a grown 30 year old man sing along like a 12 year old, unless you’re a salesman driving around the M25 selling hoovers. Hot on the heels of Eglo's amazing back catalog like Floating Points, ARP 101 and alike, Funkineven and Fatima deliver a slice of groove that's will get any hetero male singing along- minus hairbrush.

3. Velvit– Scarlett

A master of percussion, this just rolls and rolls and rolls. Throw in a monster reese and it’s a DJ tool at it's finest. Apparently he makes the odd drum & bass tune as well.

2. Dusky- Flo Jam

Wonky, bass, garage, house? UK garage? Whatever your call it, it's good. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia really, chuck in the obligatory Aaliyah sample and you've got a fine example of this genre’s moment in 2012.

1.TNGHT- Higher Ground

Lunice and Hudson Mohawke collaborate and come up with something so abrasive it literally stands out in any mix. Rolling Kuedo-ish hi-hats, slap in a bit of Timbaland, Lux Luger inspired trap and you've got Scotland's finest mixed with Canada’s creating the bastard child of Rick Ross. Essential.

Worst tune of the year:
Deadmau5- (Any)

Anything by Deadmau5.

Becca (Clubnight co-founder/Contributor- “Organic Steez”)

10. Justin Martin- Ruff Stuff
A person with really bad taste in music told me this track was "so cliché." They were right. Unwittingly though, it became an anthem of my summer and thus earns a place in my top ten.

9. Joy Orbison- Ellipsis (Head High Remix)
Fact: the sample used is from an old Source Direct interview. One of those tracks that upon listening instantly makes you want to take vast quantities of drugs and have a fat rave, and for that reason it should stay at number 9. This tune is dangerous.

8. Trevino - (Any)
The resurgence of one of drum & bass' household names Marcus Intalex as techno king Trevino is not to be ignored. I am sure we will be hearing plenty from the artist formerly known as Marcus Intalex over the coming year…

7. John Talabot feat. Pional- So Will Be Now
Contemplative; this sounds like taking a long walk through your mind. 
Which begs the question: so will be now?

6. Destiny's Child- Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)
I'm not expecting you to listen to this track, I'm just being honest with you for the sake of this feature. Though if you were to listen to a Destiny’s Child remix, may it be this one.
Cyril’s done a great job on Beyoncé’s vocals, making them barely distinguishable as her own.

5. Clams Casino/A$AP Rocky- Wassup
"The only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror" ugh. A$AP's ghetto fabulous matched with some of the best beats to come out, in my opinion, since the tragic demise of Dilla puts “Wassup” - the instrumental found on Clams Casino's second self released beat-tape at number 5.

4. Poliça- Leading to Death
Minneapolis' Poliça have made a lasting impression with their debut album 'Give You The Ghost'. Heartfelt female lead vocals occupy a beat driven, dub sound that create an identity for what could have become just another pop group. I anticipate hearing what 2013 will bring forth for Poliça following such a distinguishable first release.

3. Holy Other- Held
The moody Mancunian releases his debut LP of the same title, 'Held'. Typical of his harrowing style, 'Held' is better heard in its entirety as one track pours into the next.
Released on New York label Tri Angle Records, holding host to other such shadowy characters as Bristol's Vessel and The Haxan Cloak.

2. Drexciya- Hydro Theory
Originally released in 1995 on Warp, and featured on a compilation entitled 'Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller: Parts 1 & 2' out this year.
The footage accompanying the track on YouTube is taken from David Attenborough’s ‘The Blue Planet’- images of crashing waves and Killer Whales annihilating Seals somewhat encapsulate the otherworldly, Atlantean sound that Drexciya embody in their production. 
As one YouTube user comments: “Stunning visuals. This works so well with this tune. Props.”

1. F.I.T feat. Gunnar Wendel- Enter The Fog
Out at the end October on Omar S' FXHE label & featuring Gunnar Wendel, who also produces under the name Kassem Mosse - one to listen out for. Perhaps it is simply the unfound newness, but something of this tracks composition really resonates with me. 
Maybe it’s the clappers. You know it’s good when it’s got clappers.

Worst tune of the year:
Netsky - (Any)
Anyone who listens to Netsky over the age of 25 didn't get laid enough when they were growing up. Get a hooker. I'll respect you more.

Kam Sandhu (Contributor)

10. Julio Bashmore– Au Seve
Not usually a fan of big room music but Julio Bashmore at his young age seems to have a hold on what works. This tune needs to be heard during a mix or in a club to really appreciate the energy. Simple tune, but I enjoy the oldskool-ness, the beep, the vocal, and the huge drums.

9. Akkord– The Drums
“The Drums” was a great entrance for Akkord near the beginning of the year. It was one of those releases where you actually got excited by a new name and wanted to hear more. It demands a good few listens (never a bad thing), and it certainly whet the whistle for their future work (and the Electronic Explorations mixes came in tow). Plus, Akkord are so fucking cool, they won’t tell you who they actually are. Hashtag ooooh.

8. Andrew Bayer– Community
Andrew Bayer was one of my great finds of last year. His debut album “It’s Artificial” is entirely rewarding when listened to from start to finish. In fact, when you don’t listen to it in this way, you feel as though you’re missing out. Forming part of his 2012 single, “Community” is punchy, and yet so god damn smooth. It shows off Bayer’s expertise at creating perfectly undulating music through a real plethora of sounds. Absolute genius.

7. Scuba- Hardbody
For the second time, Scuba managed to create an album that fast became a highlight of 2012. There were a number of songs I could have picked from “Personality” but instead I am going for his newest release “Hardbody.” Staccato synth riffs and simple but sexy vocals give this tune all the edgy groove that Paul Rose is known for. Good work Scuba.

6. Sam KDC– A Prelude To Winter (James’ Song)
A beautiful, ambient track. Sam KDC is very good at this, as many of us know, and this is just sublime. Beautiful pads, strings, bass and drums that build to its strong finale. Heart flutters. And you’re all very lucky, as it’s a free download.

5. Chaos In the CBD– In Between
Chaos in the CBD are a pair from NZ who somehow manage to produce great things together despite being closely related (they’re brothers). They have a number of great tunes (check out their soundcloud- ) but this is beaut. Really simple but really well produced. Will have you humming all day.

4. Silent Dust– Massive (feat. Zilla Rocca)
There are few artists that are honestly original in drum & bass. But with Silent Dust, there are literally no rules. Perhaps I partly picked this because of the sheer surprise upon the first listen. But the other, bigger part of the reason is because this tune is nothing less than hood. Booty slash hip hop slash bass music makes this one my looking-around-and-wondering-whether-everyone-knows-how-fucking-gangster-you-are tune of the year. I defy you to not feel massive.

3. Ben Pearce- What I might Do
Love this tune. Infectious vocals over a deep house groove. It’s good to hear some nice lyricism in dance music, rather than floaty cheesy drivel or overtly rude crap. Ben Pearce gets it just right here. And the Manchester based producer is one to watch out for in 2013.

2. Indigo – Symbol #7.3
Indigo’s stunner of the year. This is produced to perfection. Clean, smooth and touching and one that can easily be listened to on repeat a few times. Just listen. I am not sure I can do it justice in words.

1. Jai Paul – Jasmine
Sex. This song makes you feel like clothes are not necessary. Beautiful, low down soul from Jai Paul. His, at times, almost inaudible lyrics should stay that way, as you want to believe they’re too sexy to know. Coupled with the guitar lick, and throbbing bass you’ve got a night of horn waiting to happen. Uh.

Worst tune of the year:
Carly Rae Jepsen- Call Me Maybe
Vile. For some reason people seem to think it’s okay, in a funny way, to listen to this or quote it. It’s not– all it does is trigger my brain to transfer your name/friendship into the shitpile. I dread to think of all the people that actually use the childish chorus of this song to pull. Sad times. And her name is shit.

So that’s all for part one… make sure you check back later in the week for part two for the lists from the Organic bossmandem as well as yours truly. In advance, please don’t judge me. Ciao!