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Mako Music


Drum & bass has been defined by different groupings and camps of artists coming together. We check out the latest single to come out of the current Metalheadz camp from Mako...

Back in the nostalgic mist of the '90s, Metalheadz were the firm... Goldie, Doc Scott, Peshay, Dillinja, J Majik, Source Direct, Hidden Agenda... These were the people who built the music we call drum & bass from the ground up, and right at the foundation of what they achieved was a crew mentality. Fast forward to 2014 and that philosophy lives on in the label's latest stable of core artists. Jubei, Ulterior Motive, Lenzman, Mako, these are the architects for the new age.

The latest offering from the camp comes in the form of Mako's "The Truthseekers EP". Qualifying Mako's place within the Metalheadz discography the EP walks a path that pays homage to the labels heritage while carving its own path via warbling bass tones, panoramic pad builds and cutting beats. Having worked his way through the drum & bass hierarchy on labels like Utopia Music, Symmetry and Ingredients Mako is now poised in position on the genre's most iconic imprint.

The EP itself is split three ways between "Tell Me Something (Featuring Detail)", "The Gully" and "Ju-Ken (Featuring Throwing Snow)". "Tell Me Something" is the most Headzy of the package in my opinion with a sound palette that feels referencial to some of Metalheadz's finest moments; swept b-boy breaks, big pad builds, delayed synths and stabs. "The Gully" is a peak time club banger laced with squelching bass distortions and modulating filters on straight one-two drums. "Ju-Ken" adds the other perspective to the EP descending into a much lower tempo range while keeping the feel and dynamic of the rest of the EP.

It's needless to say that the original Metalheadz roster of Goldie, Dillinja, Digital, Wax Doctor, Doc Scott, Photek etc is a huge act to follow. But then the same can be said of the following generation of artists like Loxy & Ink, Calyx, Total Science and Klute. Metalheadz has a way of reinventing itself while staying true to the original format it laid out. It's with this in mind that I think it's safe to say that we are well into the next iconic age in the label's evolution.

Check out the video below that has recently surfaced from the Metalheadz camp.

Mako - The Truthseekers EP is out Monday 23/6/14 on Metalheadz.