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Modernists 3


Did some one say super limited edition? We check out the Modernists 3 album package, the latest from the Mjazz camp.

In the third phase of it's evolution, the Modernists 3 compiles the most comprehensively diverse selection to date.

Each track offers something different, all adding to the eclecticism of the selection. From the spacious "Sun On A Friday" through to the straight jazz funk percussion of "Ghetto For The Minute" or the autonomic-esque "Femme Fetale", there is breadth and journey throughout.

On production duties are a mix of Mjazz regulars like Justice, Metro, Diamond Eye, Cuelock and Muted, while we also see some new names 2nd City Blue, Betamax Heard and Paranoid Society all adding to the mix. Like previous Modernists projects, there is only 100 strictly limited edition CD copies, all with hand finished packaging with pin badges available so if you want one get on the case.

Modernists 3 Track Listing

1. Justice & Diamond Eye - Mode
2. Metro - Delete
3. Justice & Invincible - The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
4. Diamond Eye - Uninspired
5. Control Remote - Wet Static
6. 2nd City Blue - Down Hear
7. Muted - Cope With It
8. Betamax Heard - Trash
9. Justice & Cuelock - Sun On A Friday
10. Paranoid Society - Boxotron
11. Justice & Endemic Void - Ghetto For The Minute
12. Envya & Survied - Femme Fatale

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