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The Night On Eternia


On the 1st April Eternia Music's Raven and Hathor will be joined by Detuned Transmissions' DAAT, Books and Alexander for a night of cutting edge 170 BPM music that is going to shake Vilnius to its core.

On the 1st April a dark cloud will loom over Vilnius, Lithuania. Sonic convention will cease while an alternative musical agenda assumes control. Lithuania's key 170 BPM taste maker Eternia Music will be joined by Detuned Transmissions for an evening of alternative audio architectures. Underpinning the event is a series of mutual aesthetic ideals and shared musical goals.

On the night, Eternia Music's Raven and Hathor joined by Detuned Transmissions representatives DAAT, Books and Alexander will reaffirm the musical philosophies that define each respective camp. DAAT continue to buck the trend of traditionally DJing, preferring a more interactive mode of performance. Having debuted their live show at London's One.Seventy event at the end of 2016, The Night On Eternia is the live acts first international outing since.

"It’s interesting to consider the entire transmission/reception chain as being a way to link consciousness across physical distances. The interception or manipulation of a transmission adds a worrisome (and exciting) element to all this. If your experiential apparatus is subject to tampering, then what is real? How do you find truth?" - DAAT

You can find out more about The Night On Eternia HERE.