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NoiD's latest outing on Groundwork Recordings is well overdue. A four track EP that has been haunting the underground for the best part of a year, the hypnotic GWKT03 now emerges for release.

The production and performance duo of Ruido Carvalho and Nuno Veiga are not easily categorized. Pounding rhythms set back against whirring drones, distorted noise and what sounds like the dead reanimated through machinery makes for busy listening. Occupying a deadzone somewhere between abstract noise art and the periphery of deep 170 BPM music, the outfit makes a undeniably seductive enticement. Where euphoria reaches to the heavens, NoiD draw you down to the earth, the strictly physical, compromising your sensibilities. There is a sadism to their output, a willing abuse.

When I first heard components of the new EP from the duo almost a year ago, I was hugely excited, so much so that we booked them for One.Seventy on the strength of it. Listening through the EP there is a depth and consistency that is only achieved through the grounding of ideas and a staunch sonic philosophy. These guys make music with truth and idealism, their work is a pursuit of an ideal, real or imagined.

The EP opens with the informatively named 'A Body In Noise Can Scream But Not Talk' and the dance begins. The track builds in waves of hard synth lines, chiming percussions and a subdued building drum that sets a driving pace for the enduring machine groans to take the lead. At points climatic while at other times retreating, the aforementioned scream is real. 'Ectopia' follows with more agreeable drum rumblings affirming the already set pace. The synth work has a freshness to it like cold air, a lightness that contrasts against the distorted tones that juxtapose its notes. It is all a facade however, an enduring hum reveals a pervasive subtext, an uneasy reveal.

Following on it is 'Precipice' that demanded my undivided attention many months back. Employing the voice of Noam Chomsky, NoiD provide the soundtrack to the decimation of our civilization, a warning too late of the state of things. More hum and a pitching forwards and backwards delay on the kick that is completely disorientating in a way that becomes an apt metaphor for the dialogue. Wrapping things up NoiD's rework of 'tOLA' is a welcome reprise, a release and coming up for air from the intensity over the first three quarters of the EP. 'tOLA' is the euphoric reach to the clouds, maybe the relief of the death we've just experienced.

It's easy to waffle on about NoiD trying to convey the depth and clarity of their vision, but the true tell is in the listening itself. This release has been a long time coming, too long really. But the wait has been worthwhile, and it sounds as good now as it did a full year ago. Enduring artistry with poise and purpose.


1. NoiD - A Body In Noise Can Scream But Not Talk
2. NoiD - Ectopia
3. NoiD - Precipice
4. Ruido - tOLA (NoiD Rework)

Projekt 22's Groundwork Recordings remains an understated leader at 170 BPM with a relentless dedication to originality and principled art.