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Back in 2015, Essex based duo NotioN appeared on Eternia Music with the 'Canon Seeker' EP. Fast forward to 2017 and NotioN returns as a solo artist with tracks 'Cold Coding' and 'Somehow, Right Now'.

Although writing as a solo artist, there remains a duality to NotioN's music. The sound maybe unified, but it continues to have composite parts. Part one is 'Cold Coding'. Reese bass, pitched down voices and punchy drum work mark the track as a certified dancefloor churner. In many ways 'Cold Coded' picks up where the 'Canon Seeker' EP's 'Thundered Dragon' left off. Hard dynamics with a sonic barrage of metallic percussion that hits the spot.

The second part to NotioN's palette, with a haunting nod to NotioN's own 'With No Goodbyes' released on Loxy's CX Digital label, 'Somehow, Right Now' redraws a connection to Elysium. Where electro percussion carves sharp forms, foreboding bass tones and an ever present pad creates a softness and curvature that doesn't relent. Where 'Cold Coding' is the stark reality of urban living, 'Somehow, Right Now' is the promise of the Elysian Fields.

"I originally sent a version of 'Cold Coding' out to a handful of people, where the mix was a bit more rougher, rugged, but when Intakx picked it up for Eternia Music I decided to go back in on the mixdown and give it a more overall cleaner listening, where the drums had more punch" - NotioN

Continuing what has been an impressive series of releases, Eternia Music return to the fold with another original release that affirms their position as a key taste maker and underground vendor. Eternia Music are presenting 'The Night On Eternia' on March 24th at Brighton's Patterns club featuring Loxy, Need For Mirrors, Rhodopsin and Intakx. you can find out more HERE.