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Omne Trium Perfectum

Gary R

One.Seventy once more returns to Rye Wax for its third installment, which promises to be its best event to date.

The rule of three, third time lucky, good things come in threes. Is three truly the magic number?

On Sunday 30th April, One.Seventy embarks on its third voyage into the mysterious deep. Having assembled a top notch crew of sonic cosmonauts, One.Seventy is yet again endeavoring to explore the furthest reaches of 170 BPM music. So who is on the line up?

Just in time for his incredible 'Smoke Signals' album release, Overlook will be gracing the Rye Wax basement for the first time. Following the previous performance of UVB-76 stable mate Ruffhouse, Overlook is at the top of his game and his debut LP is testament to that. He is the archetypal Drum & Bass artist, having paid his dues in the studio and now reaping the rewards. Joining Overlook is Chris Inperspective, one of the most passionate characters in Drum & Bass. Chris has "been there and done that" having released on Exit Records, Cylon and his own seminal Inperspective Records. Holding down a monthly residency on Hoxton FM, Chris is one of the real figure heads for drum heavy 170 BPM music and has been a prominent figure for as long as either he or anyone can remember. Rupture's Mantra could easily be described as 'the DJs DJ'. Co-promoter of the premier London Drum & Bass event Rupture, Mantra brings to the table uncompromising selection, and an unparallelled energy.

Now appearing for the second time at One.Seventy, Books' music is a disruptive force. Utilizing completely unique production concepts Books has an ability to completely change the density of a space. Currently working on a body of music for Detuned Transmissions Books will be testing out his latest creations. Having just released his '4th System' EP on Ortem, Cuelock is riding high on the hype created by his first release since 2013. Expect Cuelock to dig deep linking the past, present and future. Warming up will be One.Seventy co-promoter and sometimes performer Alexander setting the pace with formative One.Seventy influences.

"I don't think we really subscribe to the idea of headliners, everyone we book has a great deal to offer to what we're trying to do with One.Seventy. However... I'm particularly excited about Overlook and his 'Smoke Signals' album. That's why he's at the top of the bill and I'm suitably at the bottom!" - Alexander (One.Seventy co-promoter)

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