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One.Seventy Returns to Rye Wax


On 29th January One.Seventy returns to Peckham's Rye Wax for another evening of deep audio exploration, but what to expect?

Following a successful launch in October, One.Seventy is taking over the Rye Wax basement once again for an evening of sensory indulgence. Last time round we saw Ruffhouse take us on a full audio excursion navigating waves of modulating tempos and time lapses across history, we were challenged! Those who stood firm were rewarded with DAAT's debut live show which further challenged expectation and convention.

Next up we have Vromm, Dexta & Mauoq, DB1, Projekt 22 & Paragon and One.Seventy resident Rob Vanden. A real mix from across the deeper 170 BPM spectrum, from the sonic science of Vromm through to Jungle-tinged workouts from Dexta & Maouq, and deep into the merkiest of transcendental excursions from DB1 and Projekt 22 & Paragon. The low ceilings and dynamic acoustics of the Rye Wax basement fully lends itself as the perfect environment for a truly deep underground experience, both figuratively and literally. So make sure you bring your scuba gear and waterproof divers watch because we are going to go deep.

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