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Organic Steez


It's all very well listening to cutting edge electronic music, but you need to look good at the same time. Right? In a new regular feature, we meet the real people on the dance floor.

As Bowie* told us: “Listen to me - don't listen to me, talk to me - don't talk to me” - lyrics from one of his hit songs “Fashion”.

And if fashion is “to follow” then I will follow the fashions, trends, tastes and dis-taste of your fellow ravers over the coming months here for Organic. Why?
Because we are all followers. The clothes we wear, the music we listen to – we seek originality – yet there in the dance we are all as one.

So listen to me, don’t listen to me – I don’t really care.

*Bowie, David: famous singer/songwriter aka "Ziggy Stardust" - your mum will know who I'm talking about.

First up we meet two Bristolian ladies with a flair for colour that would make even Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat jealous.

Big thanks to the both of you for subjecting yourselves as my Guinea Pigs. I'm really happy how the pictures turned out. Do you feel they reflect your style?

B: (On the left) Yeah, I tend to mash it up!
Beth: All the colour and patterns definitely sum us up.

Where did you get your clothes from?

B:(The shirt) Billie Jeans, a vintage shop in Bristol, and the leggings are naughty Primark!
Beth: All from a charity shop! And I found the shoes in our house...

Lost and found! Good work.

Your clothes are very colourful. A lot of girls dare not to wear such "out there" pieces - but this is all part of your style. Why do you think you choose to wear more colour?

B&Beth: Because it makes you happy!

Describe your style in 3 words:

B: Colourful, hippy-chav!
Beth: Colourful, patterned and fun

If I gave you my Organic credit card (cheers Alex) and told you to spend as much as you like (on clothes!) would you still hit all the charity shops in town?

B&Beth: yeeea!
B: That'd be the first place I'd go!
Beth: And the vintage shops!

Did you know that in Australia a charity shop is called an "Opportunity Shop"?

Beth: My friend mentioned that to me recently (I'm still convinced that was me - Bec).
B: Jokes, that's hilarious!

Final word

There we go - colour doesn't have to cost. So don't be afraid to wear it, and it makes you happy. If i'm honest, I'm writing this wearing the same shirt I left the house in a week ago. Maybe that's why i'm so fucking miserable, then.


Photos by Becca Cairns