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Organic Steez

napoleon steez croissant

After a brief break, our favourite cultural barometer and free thinker returns to enlighten us. The return of Organic Steez!

Britons get fat, blame Frogs

We Brits have been eating one too many crossaints, and it's making us fat.

"Cakes and croissants are too big." Warns Anna Soubry, Public Health Minister.

Snack Attack.

According to reports, it would appear that the traditional french pastry is having a similar effect on Le Petit Français themselves. Usually famed for their rich yet guilt-free diet.

Sacre bléu!

It was Marie Antoinette who had supposedly said "Let them eat cake".
And we did. Lots of it.

Why am I writing bad puns about croissants? Because i've finally lost my mind, and I ate one for breakfast. The subliminal croissant.
As I ate my croissant and sat watching the news on TV, I observed the way in which it was reported, or should I say marketed... Story hour just got a bit more real.

This onslaught of doctrine notions lead me to recall an old report, which stated that our consumption of croissants are a direct factor in our countries increase of obesity.
How odd, I thought... Pick on croissants, blame the french. Well why not?

Food for thought.

But now I wondered; how would the French themselves have taken this plunder against one of their most popular pastry exports? Just how different is one story reported to that of the other parties involved? When the only thing that's breaking is the bread, what "marketing" techniques are employed to sell the story to it's captive audience?

How biased does a report have to be before it could be construed as being dishonest?

For there are two sides to every story, and one delicious, subliminal croissant.