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Organic Steez

Milton Kairnes

A memoir of a weekend’s soliloquy, another Hunter-esque reproach (with drug references) of Freak Power in the Valleys… The battle against dissipation is fought and won. A Jamaican ruler is born.

Battle Of The Vibes

“Battle Of The Vibes” to those that know is a track from the almighty Roy Ayers.
Search for the video on YouTube from Ronnie Scott’s in London 1988, where band percussionist Dwight Gassaway challenges Roy to a duel upon his weapon of choice, the Vibraphone. Pure vibes.

Ayers, one of the undisputed fathers of acid jazz, funk, soul and all round don; proven no more so than when DJ Sotofett played the track in its entirety somewhere between amen jungle and reggae at 2am on Sunday morning, the 2nd of June at The Motorcycle Showrooms, Bristol.

Though to the even more discerning, and by discerning I mean burgeoning drug addict; a battle of the vibes could well mean the position you find yourself at the tail end of yet another debauched weekend. Which to the sound of Roy Ayers you probably “felt ‘nuff vibes” – here you find yourself wrapped up in a soliloquy:
too many drugs, not enough sleep.

Battling against your will to comply as to what is granted an “OK” amount of drugs to consume among your peers, and all out retribution against the very oppressors you sought acceptance of at the start of the night, two days ago.

Will you join the globular, or will you linger on?

In the end your bank balance usually decides, that and the impending doom of Monday morning in the office.

But when Sotofett (pronounced So-Phat in his native Norway) continues upon an all vinyl annihilation of your senses, playing such good records one after the other in a flurry of sleep deprivation and Acid (the Lambada never sounded better) it’s hard to want to imagine a place so uninspired, so vacuous as your desk job.

More vibes it is then.

It’s at this point I feel I should make reference to the 3 sided ruler I lent Chris at the shop, that happens to be decorated in the Rasta colours of green, gold and red.
And thus “Jah Rule” was born. Long after the night is over, and the battle has already been won. Sotofett reigns supreme. Until he sleeps that is. (Does he sleep?) Reports say he was seen raving topless yet again in The Bell on Sunday night.

For myself however, the weekend is well and truly over. My soul may now lay a little less in tact, but it is all the more enriched for the music that has so graciously surrounded me for the past 24 hours or so. I fall asleep. Content with a feeling that no amount of drug taking would ever allow any person taking drugs to possess.

Needless to say I walked out of my job on Monday.

Want to hear more from this Sotofett I speak of? Listen to his eclectic vinyl only Trushmix series:

The track coming in at 31 minutes: New Musik – Warp (Ilo edit)
has engrossed our minds ever since Sotofett played it over the weekend.

“Tops off” to you, Stefan.