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Organic:Cast 001 Alexander

alexander organic podcast 001

After over 30 guest mixes, we've decided it is about time we started doing a podcast. For the first edition, we thought it fitting that it be an entirely in-house affair, so we have none other than Organic's Alexander at the controls...

After years of dodging the bullet, we have finally succumbed and decided that we should be doing a podcast.

You can expect the podcast every other month with a host of guests passing through. For the first edition Alexander has put together a fine selection of beats crossing genre and tempo ranges, all approved for Organic listening.

Organic:Cast 001 Alexander

1. Alex Smoke – Rats
2. Synkro – Illuminations
3. V.I.V.E.K. – In Over My Head
[Mix Starts]
4. Stray - When it Rains
5. Synkro – Acceptance
6. Alan Backdrop - Sepora
7. Sam KDC – My Fathers Son
8. Beastie Respond Feat Alia Fresco – Wait For Me
9. Rick Grant - Crossing (Consequence's 'Crossing Paths' Remix)
10. Overlook - Three Shards
11. Wraetlic – Better The Devil You know (dBridge Remix)
12. Daat – 1999
[Mix Ends]
13. ASC – Proton
14. Leibniz - Monatskarte

The Organic:Cast is available on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and iTunes.

Organic:Cast 001