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Overlook - All Of Them Witches


One of Drum & Bass' most loved sons returns to the fold with the perfect follow up to an amazing debut album. We get to grips with Overlook's 'All Of Them Witches' EP.

While busy as a DJ, Overlook had a fairly quiet 2016 release-wise with just two 12”s passing the gate, then in the year of 2017 through to now we have been blessed with his full length ‘Smoke Signals’ album quickly followed by his exceptional ‘All Of Them Witches’ EP on UVB-76 Music.

Often, a post album release can feel like a step down or retreat from the larger body of work, however Overlook continues to ride his wave with 4 absolutely stunning original productions and a remix from Techno necromancer Positive Centre.

Overlook is the current prince in a long line of Drum & Bass fundamentalists. From a technical perspective every I is dotted and every T is crossed, Drum & Bass that can be held up against the blueprint. But this is not where his real allure resides. Overlook is a story teller, he creates a narrative, an atmosphere and tension to which he applies arcane imagery, occult symbology and taboo flashes of ecstacy. Never enough to fully reveal himself, just glimpses in the dark which tease you as a listener.

There are some clear-cut dance floor smashers on the EP. Both ‘Magick’ and title track ‘All Of Them Witches’ are true to a fairly traditional Drum & Bass dynamic, 3am in the morning kind of stuff. Big drums, bass that makes you move and percussive shuffles that find the groove. There is no denying that the rhythm has a ‘forever’ quality to it while the themes are diabolical. Its primal stuff, fire side dance for the modern raver.

‘Ritual’ alongside long time collaborator Mono takes things down a gear, intuitively balancing out the EP and ensuring longevity. The balance and prowess of the track is stunning, audio alchemy at the hands of a master. The track rises to ecstatic peaks and follows into deep cavernous shallows segmenting the track into fierce drum sections and building ethereal pad work. The result is enchanting. Opener ‘Spirits Moving Through The Walls’ goes all the way into interlude territory. No drums, just noise and voices which conjure up images of just about every paranormal film you’ve ever seen. It sets an initial tone for the EP aptly, a prologue to a formidable main.

The ‘All Of Them Witches’ EP is one of those magic moments that appeals to everyone, from Techno tourists to 170 deep heads through to staunch junglists. Genre defining Drum & Bass.


A1. Spirits Moving Through The Walls
A2. Magick
A3. Ritual ft. Mono
AA1. All Of Them Witches
AA2. Travelling Without Moving (Positive Centre Remix)