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Paragon is an archetypal producer DJ, equally adept in the studio as he is in the club or on the radio. But what does this mean in 2017?

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of Paragon is “a person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.” If we are talking about dark marauding 170 BPM sound weapons, Tom Smit epitomises this sound. As Paragon he has most notably released on 31 Records, Samurai Music and Lossless Music as well as several digital only imprints. Further extending his repertoire on the Din Is Noise imprint he has made steps into lower tempo models alongside Dyl while maintaining the same industrial aesthetic. The result being the sonically crushing ‘Conspiracy’ on the ‘Fara Linita’ EP.

His sound could (very) broadly be described as hard. Heavily dynamic, maintaining impact while finding subtlety through technical delivery. While preparing this feature I have realized that he has a illusive persona online, not making any big personal statements preferring for his music to articulate his message. On a related note there is surprisingly few images of him DJing online... I had to really dig to find one I could use for this very feature!

As a DJ in the traditional sense, Paragon is resident for Tech Itch’s Resistance event and also the host of a weekly show on London’s long standing Drum & Bass specialist station Rude FM. In today’s landscape we do seem to have returned in part to defined roles where an artist often puts more emphasis on their position as producer over performance artist. My feeling with Paragon is that he is split far more evenly in his persuasion. Writing music that he can then test, sending a call, waiting for a response to gauge his work against. This would certainly lend itself in understanding the robust texture that in-habits his music.

Tracks like 'Precipice', 'Again and Again' and 'Abraxis' alongside Dyl are irrefutable testimony to Paragon's alignment to music that should be heard loud. Music unleashed on a subterranean level surrounded by four walls to lock the sound in. Audio bombardment at a molecular level, colliding the listener with the creators intent.

In the spirit of collaboration Paragon will be playing back to back alongside Projekt 22 on 29th January at One.Seventy joining Vromm, Dexta & Mauoq, DB1 and Rob Vanden in the Rye Wax basement. For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE.

“We’ll be drawing from the deep and experimental side of the Drum & Bass spectrum with some ambient bits thrown in just to make sure no one's dancing. Nah they'll be good tunes trust me.” - Paragon