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Perfect Symmetry


Synth Sense's new album 'Perfect Symmetry' makes a welcome appearance here at Organic. After an extended period of listening we are ready to share our thoughts...

When we received the audio for 'Perfect Symmetry', we were eager to dive into what we expected to be an amazing piece of work. Back in 2012 we were blown away by their debut LP 'Tomorrow's World' and expected nothing less than exceptional music from the duo once more. Synth Sense's Daniel Kiley and Ray Lewis have been very busy indeed, crafting a body of work that has surpassed thier long player from 3 years ago. Entitled 'Perfect Symmetry', the album is exactly that; well executed balance, a foreboding duality. Light and dark, future and past. To an extent 'Perfect Symmetry' exists in a place out of context. With delicate echoes and fabricated memories cast by "Lone Figure In The Distance", through to flickering glimpses of the future in the distortions of "Signal Interference". You never feel to be in a single fixed point.

At 72 minutes across 20 tracks, it would be fair to say that you need to absorb 'Perfect Symmetry' as a whole, and it's not light listening, it's pretty demanding. Before writing this feature I've had 3 weeks finding my feet, trying to get a handle of it. Tracks like 'You And Your Ghost' and 'Red Skies', I was lucky enough to hear earlier in the year at Detuned Transmissions' London event, although at that point I didn't know they would make part of the album. Hearing these guys on a club system really gave me a context for the amount of sonic energy that Synth Sense wield. Following their work closely, I already had a good reference point for what to expect. Listening to the album from start to finish is like watching a film, each track a scene. Close ups, panning, perspective, scale, colour and contrast. As with much of their output, you quickly find yourself within the story, invested in the plot. Synth Sense have directed a masterpiece to my ears.

There are recurring themes from Synth Sense's previous album like the 'Nexus' Interludes and a (very) general feel, but this time round the sound occupies a far greater expanse. The sound has grown and the technique has vastly developed. Comparing the albums sonically there is so much more going on with 'Perfect Symmetry'. The composite parts are far harder to isolate, and you have to acknowledge the technical work done to give tracks like 'Lost Imagery' any kind of cohesion. It should be a mess, but it is refined, albeit refined dirt and grit.

"The main thing we wanted to achieve was a more organic sound and feel with a sense of 'now' but still with flashes of tech/future." - Synth Sense

Amidst a peak in the music's popularity, Synth Sense seem to be coming out on top. With stiff competition with (very) loosely comparable album projects from Sam KDC, Module Eight, Binary Collective and the whole Grey Area thing going on at the moment, which obviously crosses a lot of ground with Synth Sense, 'Perfect Symmetry' seems more together cohesive and "found" in it's objectives. Amidst a plentiful although busy area of exploration, Synth Sense seem to be a cut above. At a time where there seems to be scramble for ownership of a certain sound, these guys are letting the music shine through.

"We wanted to give the listener a taste of what we are all about in a full 360 of our tastes in music production." - Synth Sense

Isolating any favourites is a hard task, and I'm sure the more I continue to cycle the album through my headphones, different moments are going to rise to the fore and then fade back only to be replaced by other equals that I had previous not realized. In 3 years time will Kiley and Lewis surpass 'Perfect Symmetry'? You know what? They probably will, but who knows what frontier they will be pushing against. Right now as I write this feature, again listening to their work, they seem to be right on the edge of what is and can be at this point. Listen and learn.

Synth Sense - Perfect Symmetry

1. You and Your Ghost (Widescreen Mix)
2. Nexus 4
3. Breathe
4. Nexus 5
5. The Invisible War
6. Nexus 6
7. Stream Of Thought
8. The Forgotten Loops #1
9. Absorb The Trauma
10. The Whispering
11. Lone Figure In The Distance
12. Signal Interference
13. Response To Serenity
14. Lost Imagery
15. Nexus 7
16. Red Skies
17. The Sentinel
18. The Forgotten Loops #2
19. Midnight Sun (Widescreen Mix)
20. End Transmission

Synth Sense - 'Perfect Symmetry' is out now on Auxiliary.