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PREMIERE: Entire - Seems To Be Clear


Groundwork Recordings are a permanent presence within the field of emotive electronics at 170 BPM, so we are really happy to present the latest sonics out of the camp, Entire's 'Seems To Be Clear'.

As Entire, Filip Olszewski resides in his own groove. He has forged a sound and identity of his own through musical story telling and a sureness of mind. His latest release, a 6 track super limited cassette EP on Groundwork Recordings sees Olszewski deliver on the promise that his talent unknowingly commits him to.


1. Murals
2. Retrals
3. Frontals
4. Seems To Be Clear
5. You Disappear
6. Then It Appears

Projekt 22's Groundwork Recordings remains an understated leader at 170 BPM with a relentless dedication to originality and principled art.