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PREMIERE: Overlook - Magick


With his hugely anticipated 'All Of Them Witches' EP dropping imminently on UVB-76 Music, we are absolutely buzzed to be presenting the first full listening of Overlook's amazing 'Magick'.

Following from his widely praised 'Smoke Signals' album, Overlook returns to the fold for UVB-76 Music with 'All Of Them Witches'. A five track EP steeped in occult suggestion, four orignial works and a Positive Centre remix coercing the listener into a sound pallette that maintains the powerful dynamics of Drum & Bass while Overlook's masterful story telling lends compelling narrative. Ritualistic, seductive and arcane.

We are happy to present the first full listening of 'Magick'.


A1. Spirits Moving Through The Walls
A2. Magick
A3. Ritual ft. Mono
AA1. All Of Them Witches
AA2. Travelling Without Moving (Positive Centre Remix)