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Punctuated Rhythm


The latest single from Eternia Music comes in the form of Apostroph's 'Bounty Hunter' and 'Inertia'. Agressive to the point of abuse, this is Eternia's hardest release to date.

Operating out of Budapest, production duo Tamas Szilak and David Takacs are exorcising demons with their latest work. Two tracks in the form of 'Bounty Hunter' and 'Inertia' form their latest outing for Intakx's Eternia Music. The guys have been doing the rounds with tracks released on Renegade Hardware, Architecture and a guest mix for Vykod Sily still getting regular rotation.

Following on from their last track on Eternia Music 'Dementia' from the Dark Psalms EP, 'Bounty Hunter' has all the subtlety of a freight train derailing through suburbia. A searing blend of overdrive, bit crushing and distortion, 'Bounty Hunter' is the peaky rush of a speedy coke blend, hell bent on sonic obliteration. Its counterpart 'Inertia' diverts through to a calmer rhythm and half time drums while still maintaining the steely glare of the former. Apostroph's output is industrial, numatic, unapologetically stark. It draws upon the completely inorganic world we surround ourselves within. In an age of algorithms, machine intelligence and sci-fi paranoia, Apostroph are Nostradamus, a sonic seer.