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rq free 138 tracks

It may be the end of January, but it would seem that it is still the season to be giving. Auxiliary artist and Organic favourite RQ is giving away some sweet freeness.

Last year, Organic's Nathan Chadwick interviewed Auxiliary's RQ about his music and album "Memory Fields". The interview found a life of it's own tracing back influences from drum & bass, exploring the most ambient of textures and a unique personal journey. RQ has returned, and with him he brings a collection of previously unreleased music from 2006 - 2008. "Materialize".

RQ - Materialize EP Track Listing

1. Kasumi
2. Autumn
3. In Search Of A Sun
4. Bad Sine
5. Mist On Stone
6. The Great Palace Of Cold

"The thing that got me was the shift to that real otherworldly sound, like it hadn’t been made here, that focus on the sci-fi and futuristic feel..." - RQ

You can check out the full interview with RQ here: