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RQ - Materialize Part 3

rq materialize part 3 2009

We think RQ has gone a little bit mental... He's giving away more free music, this time unreleased gold from 2009.

RQ is good chap isn't he? Showering us in these lovely retrospective works? But it does raise the question... Why did this stuff never see daylight before?

I'm going to put it down to RQ's apparent modesty and illusive nature. Sometimes, maybe the whole process of signing music, and then selling to the consumer prevents an amount of music that really should be in the public domain getting there. Maybe capitalism is a debilitating force in art? I'll leave that thought with you, in the mean time download and enjoy the sounds of RQ.

Track Listing

1. Can't Give Up
2. Dark Corners
3. Feel Real
4. Reflex Arc
5. Pyramids
6. Poison Ghosts
7. Orbital Decay
8. Future Past