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Ryuukogan EP


Organic favourite Groundwork Recordings is about to drop the Ryuukogan EP. 25 minutes of improvised anonymous audio disturbance.

Ryuukogan is without face, gender, identity. The redacted being, stripped bare, an iridescent flicker in the dark. His EP on Groundwork Recordings is curiously suited to the compact cassette format. No metadata, no timestamp, and once the strictly limited run of 20 copies are gone, no trace.

The introduction of compact cassette tapes came in 1962, parallel to emerging psychedelic music, which creates a real grounding for the medium primed for Ryuukogan’s EP. Imagine the words of Leary, Watts or Burroughs over ‘Primative Drugs’, ‘Private Coma’, ‘Satan’s Resort’ or ‘Unholy’ and the mix is intoxicating.

Reeling magnetic spools serve to stir innate contemplation, which keenly follows the overlaying themes transmitted from the Groundwork camp to date. The EP plays to the medias strength asserting a pleasantly muddy mix of hum and noise, distilling each component sound down to a coarse texture to be layered atop of its counterparts. Completely counteractive to any notion of clean production and desirably disturbed. While the music is defined its creature will remain illusive for now.

Ryuukogan EP

1. Primative Drugs
2. Private Coma
3. Satan's Resort
4. Unholy

The Ryuukogan EP is out on strictly limited compact cassette and digital on 17th April.