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Say What?

Fox In Never Been Music Video

Dance music has always used vocalists to create a more digestible output for the wider audience, from house through to jungle and drum & bass. So what's new?...

Dub Phizix's "Never Been" single featuring vocalist Fox has picked up where the recent hit "Marka" with MC Strategy left off. Equally Manchester-centric and again drawing on a strong riddim track aesthetic "Never Been" evokes nostalgic visions of jungle past while keeping it cutting edge.

You can plot the key moments in drum & bass where the vocalist has been properly utilized. Artists like 4Hero, Roni Size, Goldie and Peshay have laid markers both in quality and in the profile of vocalist they have managed to entice into the genre. Be it KRS1, Kym Mazelle, Beverley Knight or Terry Callier. Transforming what can often be an entirely instrumental based music form into some that Joe Public can relate to has been the key factor in taking a music to the masses...

The good people at Critical Music have been kind enough to give us a vinyl copy of the latest single Dub Phizix - "Never Been Ft. Fox" for one of you lovely types to win. Simply click HERE and enter your email address to be entered and we'll pick a lucky winner out of the hat... In the mean time check out the official music video below.