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Sequential Sound


What makes a good remix? Established remixers Need For Mirrors and Overlook have taken on Mindmapper's 'Suppressor', and here at Organic we would like to explore the answer.

A remix changes, appropriates, adds or subtracts elements of an original work to create something new. The remix has a profound stake in music history, with its lineage delving deep through the origins of multi-track recording, Musique Concrete, Reggae "versions" and Disco tape edits. Common place in the modern music landscape, the story is long and far reaching, with the results of its practice often entrancing and spell binding.

The art of the remix can be viewed as a real life metaphor for an oral history. A story retold carrying characteristics of its teller forward, a sequence, an evolution in the moving sound. Alternatively it could be described as different perspectives of the same theme, re-interpretations of original form. Both can be true.

Originally released in October 2013 on Eternia Music, ‘Suppressor’ illustrated a more delicate string to Mindmapper’s bow. A collage of delicately placed guitars, reversed tones and percussive waves. A melodic b-side, the track was a less ventured alternative to the more up-beat ‘Echo Six’. Now taking main stage in 2017, ‘Suppressor’ has been engaged and reworked by both Need For Mirrors and Overlook. With both remixers being no stranger to the craft, the results are vastly different. Overlook’s remixes of Hathor & Sotus’ ‘Constant Turning’ and DAAT’s ‘Fridge’ have ear marked him as one of deep 170’s most proficient operators. Meanwhile Need For Mirrors have a host of high profile remixes to their name for the likes of Skittles, Spirit and Passion Pit.

“The most important thing was to be true to the original while still bringing my own perspective to it. I wanted it to sound like part two of a story, and not something that is disconnected.” – Overlook

Need For Mirrors' remix takes a page out of the Ivy Lab cook book. Low passed kicks are the call to a finger clicked response. two step Drum & Bass with suggestive teases of piano and pads would qualify as a definite step up in tempo from the original track. Stripping back to just the drums and the bass, this is a rework with the dance floor at the fore. Not without subtle moments, there is a definite element of control and restraint in the execution, a firm reinterpretation. Alternatively Overlook plays much closer to home, maintaining the pace dictated by Mindmapper while introducing his own unmistakable finesse and ethereal dynamic to the work. Overlook casts a balance of scything percussion against an ever present marauding bottom end that seldom relents. But when it does, it creates the space for growing pads to open the track right up. Surely more akin the the re-telling approach? The 'Suppressor' remixes are testament to art of the remix.

“I loved the original and just wanted upgrade it slightly, make it a little more dance floor. But retain the original groove.” - Need For Mirrors

Headed by Intakx, Eternia Music has released a large body of work from the likes of Loxy, Sam KDC, Resound, Need For Mirrors, Raiden and June Miller. Working out of Vilnius, Lithuania, the label continues to release music at the cutting edge of Drum & Bass, both original and remixes.