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To Shape The Future #11 Dyl


With his 'Hybridization' EP about to drop on re:st, we caught up with futurist Dyl to discuss influences.

Eduard Costea is an outlier artistically, metaphorically and geographically. Operating out of Romania as Dyl he is prolific in his work ethic with an ability to write music that infiltrates your music collection at the periphery and seeps to its core.

He writes music, not tunes or tracks, music. He is the perfect distinction between someone making sounds for sounds sake and someone who creates art to express an idea. As such you can expect his influences to follow suit.

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Warp Records) 1999

I remember hearing it for the first time and i was like "this sounds like me, this resonates very well with me". I am a weird kid, i know. I think this one was one of those starter tracks for my weirdness of today. Aphex Twin told me through his music that i should have no barrier between musical genres.

Massive Attack - Teardrop (Virgin) 1998

Hard times were around and I was in search of music to talk to, for me 'Teardrop' was a track that comes once in a while, in the right moment to save you.

The Cure - A Forest (Fiction) 1980

I remember hearing this for the first time and i was like "oh gosh!".I really have to learn to play the guitar, i've had a great connection with The Cure's music, I really feel their music on a next level. I feel the same way Joy Division too.

Joy Division - Transmission (Factory) 1979

I'm into the track right now and i'm writing this while i'm dancing, look at them they are so into music. You barely see their faces in the music video because the veil of their music covers them. Joy Division occupies a very important place in my musical vision because i've learned from them a lot about how I should express my music.

Autechre - Foil (Warp) 1994

I was really young when I first heard this one and somehow this track changed me into the way that I am today, i was very impressed by the track, even called weird for liking it by some of my old friends.

Dyl’s latest release is the stunning ‘Hybridization’ EP. A five track workout spread across one 12”, the EP explores rhythm and tone lesser travelled, embracing a novelty and creativity rarely observed at 170 BPM. Like re:st, Dyl has long been building his name amongst those in the know, and tracks like ‘Veil Of Ignorance' featuring DB1 and ‘Reductio ad Absurdum’ solidify his status.


A1 Anthropomorphism
A2 Veil Of Ignorance feat DB1
B1 Consequentialism
B2 Reductio Ad Absurdum
B3 Asymmetric Attitudes

Dyl - 'Hybridization' EP is out on re:st on 14/03/18.