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To Shape The Future #12 Crypticz


On the 6th May Crypticz will be gracing One.Seventy at Rye Wax with his amazing live show. We caught up with the man himself ahead of the party to find out about his influences.

There is something in the water in the West Country, Dub and Reggae influences permiate through every popular genre that has graced our ears over the last 30 years. These influences are clear in Crypticz's music, but scratch a little below the surface and you'll find a vast array of tones, textures and scents that paint an altogether more eclectic pallet.

At this point we have to give Crypticz a massive shout for going the extra mile, in his own words "As an artist with a vast range of influences narrowing it down to five tracks was really quite an impossible task. So I've tried to pick five big influential tracks from my life and share some tracks that gave me some of those special 'wow' moments."

Nirvana - Blew (Tupelo Recording Company) 1989

I began listening to Nirvana from a very young age, probably around 6 or 7, and their music has stayed with me ever since. They were one of the first bands that I really freaked out over and became obsessed with. Nirvana also have that real punk aesthetic that, upon reflection, has been integral to my music creation process since the beginning. DIY! I've chosen the opener from the first album 'Bleach' for this list as I think that album best represents the traits of the artist that I hold so dear and channel into my own work.

Japan - Ghosts (Virgin) 1982

I was brought up around lots of different music. Lots of punk came from my Dad's side where as my Mum, not that I realised at the time, opened my ears to a massive range of stuff, and some really fucking good pop too. She is the reason I have such a love for 80s Electronic music, your Depche Modes, Human Leagues, stuff like that. This led to a bit of further exploration from me in my teenage years and I stumbled upon Japan's 'Tin Drum' LP. Ghosts in particular struck a mad chord. It's so beautifully dark, but light at the same time. It is incredibly delicate. An amazing piece of music with a fascinating sonic landscape. Otherworldly, but still with a great hooky chorus! Plus... those detuned strings around 1.50 in... madness.

Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not A Winner (Ambush Reality) 2006

A bit of a teenage anthem. I'd have been 12/13 when this came out. I've recently started a new job and one of my colleagues is a big music fan, he's quite into his metal and he has been throwing me on some mental throwbacks lately, it's actually been tugging at the heart strings a little, such simple times. He mentioned Enter Shikari which prompted me to return to this album and it was a bit of an emotional 'fuck!' moment for me. It had everything, rave/trance/electronics, bleeps and delays and a nice slice of hardcore metal which really was my main thing at the time.

The album version of this track even has a few sliced breaks at the start, more relevant to my future than I realised at the time as my early teens were where my electronic music explorations really began moving forward... Upon reflection the album still stands the test to me. I've ended up buying the limited edition repress and it just showed up a couple weeks ago. My Dad still hates this band because I made him listen to the album about 6 times in a row when we went away for the weekend I bought it.

Damian Marley - It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix) (МИШКА) 2009

Off the back of Enter Shikari and stuff like that me and my friends started getting a bit more into Drum & Bass and sounds around that area, that blasted open a whole world of Jungle for me too, but that is another story. We started poking around Dubstep just on the edge of it really exploding on a massive scale in the UK. Dubstep changed my life forever and to express that in one track is pretty much impossible to do but this track was probably one of the first dubstep tracks I heard and I had it on repeat. My Dad had a bit of Reggae and Dub playing at his place as I was growing up so I was already accustomed to that sort of sound and tracks like these bare resemblance to that but with dark undertones which, it seems, has always appealed to me in music. I did start to move forward with Dubstep but very quickly started to move backwards, so, in essence, this track, and others like it, are responsible for pointing me towards your Skreams, Burials, Loefahs, etc.

Om Unit - Reverse Logic (Civil Music) 2013

Obviously through releasing with Cosmic Bridge and the like I've got to know Om Unit a little better on a personal level. He is great bloke and has been hugely instrumental in pushing me forward as an artist in recent times with his guidance which I'll forever be thankful for. Before we crossed paths though his work was already teaching me a lot. It was via his Phillip D Kick project and my love for Footwork that I really got into what he was doing but 'Threads' took it to an entirely new level for me.

What Om Unit's music really taught me was to let go of restrictions, the music on Threads was a coming together of literally everything I wanted to create... Dub, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Footwork, Hip Hop and beyond. I can't pin down an example prior to this LP that realised a vision I had so clearly. Om's music made sense of a lot of things for me and was the start in teaching me to remove those limitations. When this LP came out I was still studying at university so I had the most beautiful gift of all, time, to really explore and experiment in my own work. I chose 'Reverse Logic' here as I think it's a real coming together of all the sonic qualities I'm talking about.

You can catch Crypticz performing live at One.Seventy on 6th May.

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