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To Shape The Future #6 Silent Dust


Andy Hobbs, one half of genre bending production duo Silent Dust leads us on a nostalgic trail of the music that has left an indelible mark on the outfits own sound.

Silent Dust's attitude to music creation is that of a magpie, picking up and reorganizing the shiniest and most special elements of the sounds that engross their lives. With two fingers firmly in the air at those who would rather see artists confined to narrow visions of expression, these guys have continued to set their sights further and further afield in the name of creativity and artistry. For this reason, I am extremely excited to have one half of the duo sharing some of the music that has guided them to this point. Take it away Andy!

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - How You Make Me Feel (31 Records) 1999

I remember hearing Andy C tease the intro of this track over something much harder and less inspired on an old One Nation tape, at the time you didn't really hear "liquid" being played at the big raves so once I heard it I wanted more!

Marcus & ST really had their sound down from that period on and I could have chosen so many tunes from that era but this was the first one that grabbed me. It's got such a great groove and sounds so effortless but you just know a lot of work went into it!

J Dilla - Take Notice (Stones Throw Records) 2007

What can be said about Dilla that hasn't already been said, Ruff Draft for me is one of the great hip hop albums in the same way that Illmatic is a classic where everything just clicks and works as a whole. I love the fact that Guilty Simpson doesn't come in until about the 90 second mark, it's those little things that set Dilla apart from everyone else... Dilla also delivers one of his best verses as an MC on this track.

Oasis - Supersonic (Creation Records) 1994

It definitely wasnt the first Oasis track I heard but it's the one that completely sums up everything I loved about them. From that first rigid steady kick and snare to the guitar riff to Liam's perfect vocals, it's all there! It's one of those songs that can lift my mood whenever I hear it, nobody inspired hope like Oasis....

Kanye West - Street Lights (Roc-A-Fella Records) 2008

Both myself and Dan (the other half of Silent Dust) are huge Kanye West fans and the 808s & Heartbreak album was a hugh influence for us when we made our album. Kanye could've spent his whole career remaking College Dropout but he's always looking to push himself and surrounds himself with innovative people and producers.... 808's and Heartbreak was the first one where he really changed up and challenged himself, I love albums that feel complete and don't comprimise by having the obvious singles or club tracks and 808's is one of those.

Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place (Parlophone) 2000

I'm a big Radiohead fan and this one has always been a favourite, I love the way the chords flow and it's also not written in 4/4 but yet has such great rhythm that feels so natural. Listening to it now you can almost forget that just a few years earlier Radiohead were one of the best Rock bands in the world, even if you prefer the earlier work you have to respect them for changing up and evolving.

Burial - Broken Home (Hyperdub) 2006

I was slightly late to Burial but once I heard a couple of things I was hooked, he's another one that is striving for something different and I'm sure the third album will blow us all away the same way the first two did. Burial is a great sampler and can put his own context on his samples, the vocal sample is from Sizzla... from an album that I actually own but when I heard Broken Home I couldn't place the sample until someone told me!

Hyper On Experience - Lords of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix) (Moving Shadow) 1993

Probably one of the first Jungle tunes I heard and instantly loved along with the Foul Play remix of Renegade Snares... I guess Foul Play have a lot to answer for! It also reminds of the pre internet era where this tune was known to me as the "fucking voodoo magic man" tune, it was only once Moving Shadow started re-pressing the classic releases that I eventually
found out what it was! It's one of those tracks that has everything I love in a tune, a catchy sub line, great choices of breaks and that predator 2 sample still sounds as cool as it did when I was a 12 year old boy.