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Sina - All Alone


What's up next from Silent Dust's none60 label? We check out the latest from SIna, with remixes from Fybe:One, Sun Glitters and of course SIlent Dust...

The next adventure in none60’s voyage into the never ending creative abyss comes in the form of Belfast producer Sina’s “All Alone”. Growing up on a rich mix of his father’s vinyl collection, SIna’s appetite was enriched with Latin, African, Jazz and Gospel music. “All Alone” draws on the emotion at the core of all of his productions. Collating a sample based approach to music with the fundamental presence of soul music. SIna while also releasing on Project: Mooncircle has also been working on a live show that has seen him visit Germany, Lithuania Poland and London, UK.

To complete the package, “All Alone” has been reworked and re-imagined by three prominent production outfits. Firstly, none60’s own Silent Dust make their mark on the original. They move the pace up a notch while keeping the essence of the track intact. Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters reconstructs “All alone”, with the results falling somewhere between Paul White and glitch Hip Hop. From here Fybe:One takes the baton to launch “All Alone” into the realms of fully fledged four to the floor anthemia. Across the package you will be hard pushed not to admire the versatility on display, with each version having something different to offer.


“The emotional aspect of my music always takes precedence over all other aspects. I have no problem drastically changing or dismissing altogether any elements which don’t serve or compliment the originally intended feeling of the piece. The heart is the essence.“ - Sina

Also hot off the block is the latest podcast from none60 and SIlent Dust. Clocking in at just under 2 hours the guys take you on a journey from their own influencers through to the wider drum & bass sound. Check it out and download fro free below.

Sina - "All Alone" +Remixes is out on none60 on 24/3/14.