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Smoke Signals


Overlook's debut album 'Smoke Signals' has a relevance across the full range of modern 170 BPM music. Both as an acknowledgement of Overlook's craft and a created permission for others to follow.

A long time coming, Overlook’s ‘Smoke Signals’ album evokes a parallel consideration to both context and isolation. Sitting on the cusp well beyond the old guard but still by definition Drum & Bass, ‘Smoke Signals’ will surely only be fully realized in its significance with the benefit of time, but even at this juncture it is clear that its impact is indeed significant.

From the outset, opening track ‘Unknown Transmission’ falling into ‘River’s Edge’ illustrates that Overlook’s forte is the long form album, and clocking in 13 tracks ‘Smoke Signals’ is true to form. ‘Smoke Signals’ is a rare example of a known palette expressed in a wholly authentic yet innovative application. Both contemporary and timeless.

With justified nods to players past and present in tracks like 'Into The Night' and 'Rogue Soul', comparisons to historic breakbeat idols are not adequate. The work must be addressed in context of itself alone, without classification. Remarks elsewhere referring to Overlook’s youth only serve to undermine the excellence that has been achieved, far more refined beyond historic and contemporary peers. ‘Smoke Signals’ is succinct in its delivery of Drum & Bass that still has something to say. A modern rarity, not least in album form. Even the staunchest of Drum & Bass purist has to concede that Overlook's long player suggests that the best the genre has to offer may well not have passed. Overlook's time at the coal face has surely passed however? A modern master, he belongs to the upper echelon of sonic sculptors.

"I'm especially proud of 'Smoke Signals' because it feels like a complete piece of work. Each track represents something different but together they create a kind of narrative, it's everything I hoped to achieve and more." - Overlook

A solemnly solo affair for the most part, ‘Smoke Signals’ sees no more than 4 collaborators in the form of Ruffhouse, Gremlinz, Cern and Mono. As a cohesive collection of compositions, the album is substantial, straddling a through-line across suspense, anxiety, relief, sonic intimacy and a broader awareness. ‘Smoke Signals’ will likely be claimed by classicist junglists and futurebound 170 BPM advocates alike. A rare confluence where the truly ethereal meets solid substantial audio physicality.

Overlook - Smoke Signals

01. Unknown Transmission
02. River's Edge
03. Blue Rose
04. Out Of The Unknown
05. Who Is This Who Is Coming
06. Apparition (feat. Ruffhouse & Gremlinz)
07. The Dream Unfolds
08. Nowhere Else To Go
09. Travelling Without Moving
10. Into The Night (feat. Cern)
11. Shadowplay
12. Rogue Soul (feat. Mono)
13. Smoke Signals

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You can see Overlook live at One.Seventy on 30/04/2017. For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE