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Something Free For The Man Dem - "Machina"


Following a barrage of fantastic releases over the last 12 months, Silent Dust have decided to give the fans something back. With some old friends and some new ones, "Machina"!

Silent Dust's output of late has been nothing short of inspirational, blurring the boundaries of genre and exploring a soundscape unique to their productions. From "Massive" to ""Vostok 1" to "Martyrs" and "Population Me", the guys have turned out single after single that defies pigeon holing.

Having ventured into the world of collaboration with Selfsays and noir hop originator Zilla Rocca, Silent Dust now embark on their latest joint effort featuring Cloudeater, Zilla Rocca (once again) and Curly Castro. The track in question is "Machina" and it's free to download! Get involved.