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Still Life


Diffrent Music's latest release comes from newcomer Still. An introspective 4 track EP, 'Bugs Have A Soul' draws Diffrent into notably deeper waters.

Hailing from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Dmitry Ivashin is the latest Russian to tread the 170 BPM gauntlet. Following luminaries Bop, Jalex and Oak, Ivashin as Still follows a discerning lineage of half-timers. His debut EP comes in the form of the 'Bugs Have A Soul' EP on Dexta's Diffrent Music label. The EP is an ode to a microscopic miniature world in focus. A super sensitive record of impossibly small movements and counter actions.

The opening track 'Hidden Worlds' is a Gothic realization of the 1987 sci-fi film 'Innerspace', Tuck Pendleton on Ketamine. A mix of vascular throbs, high frequency tension and rhythmic pulsation. 'Hidden Worlds' creates a curious mix of space while still feeling busy. the constant gating from the secondary bass tone means that you never fully submerge, always gasping for just enough breathe before ducking back under.

'Flux' follows with a more recognizable mix of pads, dub and an electric drum kit while 'Among Us' is driven my a half time 4/4 thud. 'Northern Lights' winds down the EP with more diminutive maneuvers, pad work and keys that fall like rain droplets. It's introspective stuff.

As an A&R statement 'Bugs Have A Soul' is a welcome addition to the Diffrent Music catalogue. Still explores a sound space that hadn't previously been explored on the label, transitioning deep into a more expansive environment. I would love to see more releases from Still in the future.

"I remember, it was a good six months ago, I’d received a folder of tunes from Still, I played them and instantly signed them, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to do with them, it’s nothing like I’d heard before, it was truly unique, very bassey, fucked up rhythms, and at 170 BPM… It ticks all the boxes basically!" - Dexta (Diffrent Music)

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