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Studio Survival With Lynx


Making music for a living sounds like a dream job doesn't it? But like any other profession it has it's fair share of hairy moments and complete technological cock ups. With his latest single about to drop on Samurai Red Seal, Lynx explains more...

Spending days on end in the studio can be draining at the best of times. Any self respecting producer or engineer knows that you can't work on an empty stomach. What fuel keeps the Lynx production machine running into the small hours?

Absolutely! A good cup of tea is essential, milk and 2 sugars! Generally the best ideas come out just when im feeling tired and ready to call it a night, so the caffeine is needed to keep awake.

Your known for being a great advocate of hardware in the studio, choosing full bodied sounds over sometimes thinner soft synths... But there must be some equipment that drives you up the wall? Over the years what gear has caused you the most grief?

Argh, the Alesis Andromeda can be a nightmare! Its like a wild beast, there is no taming it, but that is part of its charm, it can really throw out some unusual sounds that you would never go for if you could control it. As for old skool bits of hardware, it was always scary saving the Emu and Akai samplers, it was always a cross your fingers moment as it would often crash.

Collaboration has produced some of drum & bass' finest moments. You've collaborated a fair bit yourself with the likes of Alix Perez, Marcus Intalex, Fierce, and engineered for fair few too. When you've got someone else in the studio what are the ground rules?

I must be in the driving seat at all times! I am a bit of a control freak when writing, but collaborating is truly the spirit of 2 or more people writing music together, so for that reason its best to have no rules and let the project evolve naturally.

Hypothetically speaking, Organic has given you £10'000 to kit out a studio (In reality we would have spent it all ourselves on kebabs and strippers)... What are you going to spend it on?

I presume the majority of the £10,000 is on strippers else thats one tasty kebab! As for studio equipment im actually really behind on the software side of things. Its not really effected my productions but always nice to have the latest gadgets. Pimped up PC, Cubase 6, Melodyne, Ableton to experiment with live performances, Vienna string packs - these sound awesome, the newest Waves bundle as im still using the older ones alot. The rest would go on getting the badest session vocalists/ recordings, a good songwriter/ vocalist is hard to find!

"March of The Living/ Rankoor" is due out on Samurai Red Seal shortly. What's the story behind the names?

When i wrote "March Of The Living" last year i was on a flight to Sao Paulo to play a gig for Marky. There was real bad turbulence so i was writing on the laptop to keep my mind off of it! Maybe i was convincing myself i would survive the flight!

"March Of The Living"/ "Rankoor" is out on 23.04.12 on Samurai Red Seal

To follow Lynx on line please check out:!/stevelynx