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These Hidden Hands


These Hidden Hands are about to drop their self-titled album, so we are sticking our nose in to have a look!

Originally united through the shared love of the jungle and techno mixtapes of their youth, These Hidden Hands is the creative partnership of Tommy Four Seven and Alain. After meeting eight years ago, their self-titled album seems devoid at least of these original jungle influences, and certainly closer to 170 BPM dablings of recent years than the sub bass warblings of yesterday.

While Tommy Four Seven’s techno output leans towards the more aggressive end of the spectrum, the collaboration with Allain delves far more into the realms of Industrial and ambient compositions. Certainly their location must have influence over what they do, now operating in Berlin after departing London four years ago, it’s easy to imagine how the jungle influence can fade. Both individuals now staples of Berlins independent music scene, Tommy thriving on labels like CLR, Stroboscopic Artefacts and Electric Deluxe while Allain runs the One Million Mangos mastering and recording studio.

If you like your techno riff driven with clean cut sounds, this is probably not for you. However, if you like the sound of things going wrong and getting twisted out of shape, “These Hidden Hands” is recommended. From “Severed” which is the audio equivalent of domestic violence at the hands of a kettle on heat, to the distorted tones of “Laika” and the mechanical droning of “Diesel”, this is rebellious music.

When I think of techno, I think of music for the adversary, a backlash against mediocrity. Unfortunately of late, techno in some veins, maybe due to it’s mainstream and popular culture success has become dull, lifeless, generic and unsatisfying. “These Hidden Hands” not only sticks one finger up at the unimaginative, but also one finger right up the arse of middle-of-the-road generic bullshit.

These Hidden Hands


1. Trelesire
2. When Told
3. Diesel
4. Untitled
5. Ivy
6. Laika
7. Mollusk
8. Severed
9. Isopod
10. Kheium
11. Hidden

These Hidden Hands -"These Hidden Hands" is out 26/9/13 on Hidden Hundred