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One of the next generation of artists emerging from Romania, Tobe:n will be performnig at One.Seventy on the 6th May. Organic shines a light on the young producer...

Hailing from Arad, Tobe:n has been cutting his teeth as a DJ since 2012 for Romania's Freenetik Kru and Bass Invaders events. It's only in the last couple of years that he has found himself stepping to the fore as a producer with releases for Conspired Within and forthcoming releases for Din Is Noise. Tracks like 'Shirogane Tunnel' and 'Shinigami' have announced his arrival into the arena following established countrymen Dyl and K-Rob.

I get inspiration from lots of people and the music they make. Since I've got into the world of music production and sound design I've had this passion for finding all sorts of unusual, weird sounds. There are lots of passionate artists, truly devoted to the music they make and I find a bit of myself in each of them. - Tobe:n

Tobe:n is an artifact of the modern 170 BPM movement, conscious and referencial to the modern masters and not overly concerned with old idols. His Autonomic Vision mix that came out back in febuary clearly states his tastes, ASC, DB1, Books, Ruffhouse, Pessimist, it's all in the mix amongst his own material. We look forward to his UK debut at One.Seventy.

You can catch Tobe:n performing at One.Seventy on 6th May.

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