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Villem On Film


Like music, film is the consumption of someone else's vision. Producer and DJ Villem assumes the role of film buff... Lights, cameras, action!

The Man On The Moon

Released in 1999, (a fine year for drum & bass), Jim Carrey plays the character of real life comedian Andy Kaufman. Directed my Milos Forman who previously worked with Kaufman himself, The Man On The Moon traces Kaufman's steps from childhood through the comedy clubs, and television appearances that made him famous.

Villem says "Jim Carrey kills it as Andy Kaufman. I love this film! Kaufman never gave up trying different angles to achieve what he envisioned."


Literally translating as Dandelion, Tampodo follows the plot of a truck driver stops at a small family run noodle shop and decides to help their fledgling business. The story is intertwined with various vignette scenes on the theme of "the love of food."

Villem says "A Japanese comedy which is bizarre yet beautiful, how i like my music."

Terminator/ Running Man/ Total Recall

Arnie classics don't really need any introduction. Terminator was obviously sampled by Goldie for Terminator on Synthetic Hardcore, Terminator II on Reinforced and T3 on Metalheadz. Another one getting the sample treatment that springs to mind is Predator in Shimon's Predator and Predator 2 in Hyper On Experience's Lord Of The Null Lines.

Villem says "These Arnie classics must have influenced me as i watched them over and over when i was 10/ 11 years old. I used to love the sci-fi darkness which progressed into musics very own sci-fi, drum & bass."

Full Metal Jacket

Set in Hue, Vietnam, A U.S. Marine observes the shitty going ons and effects of the Vietman war on his fellow marines. Bloody horrible boot training and street fighting...

Villem says "Those creepy noises when they're in the crumbled building scenes, so f'in dark! The score was written by Kubricks daughter Vivian, keep it in the family i say."

THX 1138

This is a nice one to finish on... Dystopian visions of the future with plenty of grit, just like good drum & bass. Pre Star Wars Lucas - George that is, not Matt. That wouldn't work at all!

Villem says "So bleak and isolated. George Lucas's pre Star Wars sci-fi masterpiece. I woke up the next day and wrote Red Matter."

Villem music coming up soon:

Villem - "Spring Back"/ "Acouphènes" 12" Forthcoming on Ingredients.
Remixes for Foreign Concept and Nymfo.
Forthcoming collaborations with Break, Mako & Mcleod plus more solo productions...