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Warming Up, Warming In.


Warm Communications is one of those labels that you liked when they were really underground, but actually still like when they become considered something of staple of drum & bass. We check out their latest single from Fracture and chat to label boss Heath about 10 years of keeping us warm...

Drum & bass isn't the first thing you think of when talking about Texas, it is however the home of Warm Communications. After 10 years the label is probably at it's best. Having championed ASC pre Autonomic, Seba post Goodlooking, Equinox and Resound, the label has had a flurry of recent singles to challenge any other imprint. Singles from Seba, Naibu, Mark System and FD have been turning the heads of the established drum & bass oligarchy.

The latest release continues this trend with Fracture's "Tunnel Track" and Fracture's remix of Ella Jones' "Lately". Heath tells us more;

"I've just been trying to keep pushing and maintain the signings by top quality artists. I’ve been speaking to all of the artists you mentioned above for a good while now. I respect each of their individual passions for music and the commitment they each put in. They are all very diverse as well and that’s always been something I’ve tried to convey with the label, so it only seemed natural to get them involved with Warm."

Talking more about the latest single Heath continues... "Charile (fracture) and I have been talking about doing a release for a good while now. He would send things here and there and we’d go over how we felt it would work...

..He sent over his remix of Ella’s "Lately" and I instantly knew that was the one. Ella is a fantastic singer and she and Charlie have been working together for a while. Getting the track worked out with Warm was smooth… All parties are super easy to work with. I wanted the flip to be a darker affair, so Tunnel Track was perfect. I always like releasing 12's with a “rough & smooth” appeal… It caters to many as opposed to just being linear."

..He sent over his remix of Ella’s "Lately" and I instantly knew that was the one.

Heath makes a good point, it would be fair to comment that drum & bass' current popularity has to be in part due to it's level of diversity and ability to attract a varied crowd. Both stylistic and tempo based barriers are less evident than they were maybe 10 years ago when the label launched. It could be argued that in 2002 the genre was in a stale rut, with a lot of music conforming to a very rigid structural template. This is of course a few years before drum & bass went through a mini revolution pioneered by the likes of Instra:mental and dBridge, the latter of which who has been championing Fracture's release on Warm.

It's not unreasonable to liken the "Lately" remix to out put form 90's Roni Size, Die and Krust either... Compare it to their output on Giles Peterson's Talkin' Loud imprint and there are definite parallels to be drawn. Of course Fracture's production technique and style lends to this but also there is a sheen and workmanship apparent that only comes with time.

"Both tracks seem to be a hit with a good variety of producers and DJs. Something that I always try to do with the labels signings. It’s funny you reference the Talkin' Loud label and said artists, as that’s the first group of people I made mentioned to Charlie it reminds me of when I first heard it. I hope people feel that same way about as it has that late 90’s positive/ rolling vibe to it."

I always like releasing 12's with a “rough & smooth” appeal… It caters to many as opposed to just being linear.

Heath continues looking forward...

"The label has exceeded my expectations. Development has been very natural. It’s stressful at times just like anything but things come along and happen the way they are supposed to and everything has worked out great from where I stand. I’m still first and foremost a fan of this music, so it’s fantastic to still be involved and be relevant on the level the label is. The goal is to keep pushing out more great music consistently and moving forward."

Fracture - "Lately" feat Ella Jones/ "Tunnel Track" is out on full release 14/5/12