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Who Is Gaunt?


Over the last few months a name has been appearing across drum & bass' hottest spots. Be it on Doc Scott's Future Beats show or Machinedrum's Twitter feed, we're all asking - Who is Gaunt?

When the likes of Doc Scott and Machinedrum are singing your praises, people take notice of what your doing. Gaunt has burst onto the scene almost out of know where, picking up attention across drum & bass along the way while remaining elusive.

So what do we know about Gaunt?

Wee know that he is 19, from London and in his own words makes "drum & bass for people who don't like drum & bass." And that's about it! With a seemingly "all analogue" approach to production, Gaunt doesn't seem to be over complicating his music. His ear for full bodied sounds and very direct use of rhythm all adds up to a very heady mix. Something that has been picked up on by Silent Dust who have released Gaunt's debut single on their own none 60 label.

Perfectly placed on Silent Dust’s none60 imprint “Piranha” is an 808 drum machine on speed. Equally at home in a DJ Stingray set as with any drum & bass advocate. The iconic drum sounds are matched with continuously warping and bending tonality that will leave any speaker system in ruins. There is an undeniably heavy influence from Jonny L on the track, which goes some way to explain the track title, likely a reference to Jonny L's own label of the same name.

“Percolation”, equally devastating in it’s attack, builds 4 to the floor rhythms escalated well into the higher tempo ranges. If “Acid Eiffel” had an angry teenage son, this would be it; moody, aggressive and full of angst.

Gaunt - Piranha / Percolation is out now on none60.