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From The Wilderness: Daat


With the launch of their Detuned Transmissions imprint, we thought it was about time we took a deeper look into Daat.

Unlike many of their peers, the story of Daat doesn't start at a rave in a field or even a warehouse party. For that matter, it doesn't even start in the UK. Daat is, and presents music from an entirely different perspective, maybe out of context of the mass movement within drum & bass, but all the better for it. Contextually void of the cultural markers which saw the genre grow through the '90s but offering a new position and perspective shaped by all together more isolated influences.

The journey to what has accumulated in Daat has been a journey that has seen it's members Jason oS and Joe Mnemonic personally cross paths and work under the wings of iconic musicians such as 1960's synth composer and Moog programmer David Borden, as well as iconic jazz practitioner Donald Byrd. Exceptional and rare as this is, this is simply supportive of what is a firm foundation in Daat's from-the-ground-up story. From here in, things start to become more abstract...

Although Daat may be the collaboration between two real world individuals it is also the realization of a single fictitious character. Daat is a plant, or to be more accurate, a being that is somewhere between plant and man. If at this point you are lost, it is worth reading the last couple of sentences again. Daat as a musical form provides the narrative to an imagined existence of the living form, a sound track to a journey if you like. Where many musicians write from there own perspective or latch onto a perceived position, Daat takes the vantage of an organism, alien to the industrial world it finds itself in and expresses it's existence through the minds and work of it's creators.

Taking it's namesake from Detuned Radio: Decarie Sessions, Detuned Transmissions is the new home to Daat's output.

"As far as the label ethos, we hope the output, through the music and art can provide a snapshot of the city we live in; in all it's distopic futurisms and vibrant idiosyncrasies." - Daat

Daat / Daat & Dominic Ridgway - "1999" / "Crashes" is out on 12" clear vinyl and digital now.