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Yeah Thats What I'm Talking About... That Shine


Following a recent interview we pick up on Until Silence's latest groove throw down "That Shine"... Yeah that's what we're talkin' about.

What does Texas, USA and Birmingham, England have in common? Not an awful lot... But they are the respective homes of stateside bass label Pushing Red and electronica producer Until Silence. We've recently spoken to Pushing Red label boss Heath and Until Silence respectively but think the latest single is too good not to comment on...

What is nice about Until Silence is that he is a young guy, and as such doesn't have the inherent personal debt to electronic music of yesterday in the same way older producers do. He wasn't at UK warehouse parties in the late 80's, he didn't grow up with jungle and he definitely didn't have his hands in the air for 90's trance (although we wouldn't mind seeing it). His approach to music is fresher than that, he approaches his music with a much more open mind.

"That Shine" nicely parouses between twisted out pads and booty techno, evolving into something of a dance floor monster. It's a good example of modern interpretation on original techno/ house foundation. The rigidity of the drums is juxtoposed by the squeeked out synth modulations and ghetto electro vocal.

"Hands Tied" leans more heavily on the house side of things, the kind of thing that keeps the dancefloor moving in the early hours. The vocal becomes more of a musical device than in "That Shine", setting tone agaist the throbbing bass line and percussive elements.

"As Until Silence I’ve just had the freedom to explore all kinds of sounds and styles which I previously didn’t feel comfortable writing. Over the past two years I’ve written everything from Boards of Canada-esk IDM to stomping warehouse house, the vast majority of which I’ve not really made public. I have always had a bit of a DIY attitude to mixing and writing music and because of that I think my music has an organic quality to it that is a bit more rare these days." - Until Silence

Until Silence - "That Shine" / "Hands Tied" is out on Pushing Red 11.6.12