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Yours are Stories of Sadness


Organic favourite bvdub's latest offering 'Yours are Stories of Sadness' is an experiential recourse, both self assessing and outward looking. A contradictory work that offers stunning clarity.

Can emotion be communicated? A musical message in a bottle, a feeling sent to be received. Acoustic symbolism where phonetic language is inadequate to succeed. It is this endeavour where Brock Van Wey or by his better known alias bvdub succeeds. Across 19 unnamed tracks 'Yours are Stories of Sadness' presents fragmented memories, relived experiences and open ended emotions to be absorbed and redirected by the listener.

bvdub's output is demanding and while it settles at the fore, Van Wey's intention on this occasion is that his work retires out of focus, subtlety redirecting the course of thought. Each track encourages a real sentiment of 'now', relaying your own feeling and story against the tone and texture of the sound accompanying the moment. From euphoria, relief, ease, remorse, your own narrative defines the territory in which the music guides you.

"Unlike all my other works which are meant to be in the foreground, these are meant to stay in the shadows. to be the quiet and subconscious soundtrack." - bvdub

bvdub is an artist in the truest sense. Through 'Yours are Stories of Sadness' we are given permission to step inside of his mind, hold on to a feeling and maybe take part of it as our own. Van Wey's great gift is his openness to share himself laid bare, exposed through his compositions. At 78 minutes and 24 seconds, 'Yours are Stories of Sadness' charts 19 moments captured across 4 years. An enticement to establish 19 more moments of your own over a timeline you define as a listener. The work moves through textual waves, spacial tones, meandering echoes and delays. Each track departing from the intonation of the last, poising on the next peak, your own relation to the music. Its difficult to avoid exuberant language when describing the experience.

"Each not a story, but just a moment, that moment you realize. Unlike the norm, when I elucidate every second to near unbearable levels, this time how that moment materializes or continues is up to you." - bvdub

In truth, your own relation to 'Yours are Stories of Sadness' will be exactly that. Yours to relate, decipher and reflect on. Either as a piece to be experienced in its entirety or like a book of fables, each in its own time.

Yours are Stories of Sadness is available now from the bvdub Bandcamp page: