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Alexander (Organic)


Sometimes, it’s a little too easy just to look outwards at what’s going on with drum & bass. Every so often it’s important to look at what’s going on with in your own camp and also keep your followers in the loop on what’s coming up. With this in mind we pinned down Organic’s Alexander to fill us in on all things Organic right now… Events, label collaboration projects and lots more…

Be it events, tour dates or web content, Organic has seemed really busy over the last few months. What’s been going on at Organic HQ?

It’s an exciting time for us, we’ve got so many projects going on at the same time it’s hard to keep tabs on everything. The last 12 months has seen a lot of changes, developments and realisations for us. Aside from myself , Dave Suspect and Ollie who does our design work, we’ve also got a few more people involved. Contributing to interviews and features are Kam Sandhu and Liam Griffin. Both have contributed some absolutely incredible written content and it’s fantastic having them on board. I think with everything going on, we do rely on people coming in and building on what we do, it wouldn’t be the same without them I don’t think.

Organic has covered a lot through video features over the last 12 months, you’ve touched base with some of drum & bass’ most prolific artists. How have people responded?

We’ve had an amazing response to the video content form the outset really, we always felt that the video content elsewhere only ever scratched the surface of what was going on with the music both culturally and also with regard to assumptions towards the viewer. Too often the viewer was treated like a simpleton and I’d prefer to expose as much developed information as possible and show how rich the music can be as a discussion point. Luckily for us, a lot of people within the music agreed and something about what we were trying to achieved resonated with them. We’ve had a lot of support and foot ups from quite a few people and this largely allows us to get the best people involved, so thank you to those people (you know who you are!). On a related note, last weekend we we're filming with one of the genre's most prolific yet illusive characters, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Following the release of the May event, you had to withdraw the event due to license issues with the venue. This must have been a disaster? What’s going on with Organic outside of London?

Having to cancel the May event was a bit of a pain in the arse really yeah. We are quite sporadic with the events anyway, we’re only going to do an event if there are enough exciting artists at the time, and sometimes the genre can feel stale. So I suppose both us and the punters have lost out on that one (the line up was Doc Scott, Fracture & Neptune, FD, Stray, Skeptical, Sam KDC, MC Blackeye and MC Goldenchild). As a space Gramaphone is excellent, but unfortunately the owner was running outside of his license and to be honest from the information we were able to get from Tower Hamlets Council is a bit of a crook. We managed to get loads of documents from the council going back a few years, including court notes etc and to be honest it made an amusing read, the phrase “winging it” springs to minds. Moving forward, we are sorting our new home at the moment. For us, we had to use the license removal of Gramaphone as an opportunity to develop what we do with the events so as far as we are concerned there is only going to be a few venues worth doing in London, and one in particular.

Outside of London we are continuing to collaborate with regional promoters, with a few really nice numbers coming up through the rest of 2011. On a related note there will be a video feature focussing on Dublin’s Spectrum promotion coming soon, those guys are a perfect example of promoters doing their own thing well, (Big up Mark, Andy, Danny, LP Master Wong).

We’ve heard a few whispers about collaboration projects as well as some vinyl releases coming up? Can you spill the beans a little?

We’re currently working on a label project with one of our favourite labels, that will manifest itself as a series of 12”s and following in digital format. I don’t want to speak too much about it ahead of time as the full details will come out when it’s appropriate. We’re lucky to have been able to secure music from the artists that we most highly regard in the genre as well as some of the most exciting emerging talents as well. I think that is about as much as I should say at this point as I don’t want to spoil it, or give the game away! But rest assured it’s going to be some really nice physical product both as music in general and a really nice product to own. If you catch me on the radio or Djing out and about you’ll hear some of this.

Continuing with the theme of collaboration, We have been approached by one the biggest names in music production/ technology, who have asked ask to collaborate on some music production products. Again I’m only going to say so much about this ahead of a full press release, but we think it’s a little bit different and good for us as a brand.

Another product we have been asked about by users and also a few artists is clothing. It’s something we are considering and would ideally come to fruition as a collaboration. So we are essentially looking for a boutique/ street couture brand to work with, but we’re only going to do it if it’s a decent, high quality product. There’s already too many cheapo fruit of the loom jobs being passed off as branded clothing with D&B/ bass music. I don’t fancy adding to the pile.

What’s coming up?

We’re always looking ahead around 12 months, working out what we want and the route to achieving it. Initially we used to find ourselves having to chase things, but more often than not, things seems to just fall into place at the moment. As long as we find something within the music/ culture worth covering/ working with/ discussing we will do so. It’s a development thing with us, we do it as enthusiasts having grown up with the genre and still finding pockets of it that genuinely excite us, even if sometimes it feels like they are few and far between (I know that will wind a few people up). The music is over 20 years in now, it is in parts developed, progressive, and sometimes at the pinnacle of music in general. We just try to look at it honestly.