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Blind Music is the brain child of one of modern drum & bass' busiest collectives. Working anonymously they've been releasing music in EP form...

In keeping in tune with the essence of the project, we've kept everything anonymous, we're not going to name the collective involved and in turn have not asked to know which members took part in the interview...

The ideas behind Blind Music are both intriguing and very relevant to today's world of instant online gratification. How did the original concept come about?

Everything is so accessible these days that a lot of projects become just a matter of going through the motions. Make a logo, do a Facebook page etc etc. I’ve been trying to think outside that dynamic. I was really interested to see what would happen if you sent out a record with no real press release and nothing for anyone to talk about. Would they get into the music or would it just slip under the radar. It seems like the feedback so far has been really positive.

In working anonymously you escape the pressures of being individually attributed to the music, however you also lose the credit at the same time. In a genre where everyone seems to wants to get their slice of the cake is this liberating or a just the reality of the project?

I think that’s something which gives the artists a lot of freedom that have released on Blind so far. I thought everyone would want the credit, but all the tunes so far have been made especially for Blind. People were excited by the idea of not being known and took that energy into the studio. I originally thought people would just give me old tunes that were gathering dust and would otherwise never see the light of day. So, yes. I think some people have found it liberating. I’d be interested to see what the producer would feel like if an anonymous Blind Music track went absolutely massive and no one knew it was them.

This the the second EP in the Blind Music series, should we expect the label to be entirely EP based and is there a long term plan for the imprint or is it a project with a start and finish?

I wouldn’t like to lay any boundaries down at all, but I think it makes the most sense to bring out EP’s. Especially when it’s a digital release. Initially we’ve always said this would be an experiment. So it depends. If the label manages to sustain itself and people are enjoying what we are doing I see no reason to stop.

What does it mean to be anonymous in drum & bass?

It means taking things back to the very basic essence. Doing what we’re doing because we like it.