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Bungle Jungle

bungle astral travel

When Brazilian producer Bungle was asked to write a 12" for Soul:r without limitation, no one could have predicted what Marcus Intalex is calling "the best Soul:r 12" in a long time". Let's talk Bungle jungle...

Bungle's latest 12" is some what predictably of a record, a tale of two halves. In the first instance "Astral Travel" plays on what could be described as the classic Soul:r sound; Rolling drums, synth, strings, horns and euphoric builds. Whatever people call liquid drum & bass in 2013, this is what it could and should be. Devoid of any overly current trend, refined and poised. No shorter in length than any other track, but somehow over before you are ready to stop listening to it. A sure sign of a classic.

"Aura" completes the musical cycle of the 12" with a crescendo of sound building and dissipating, growing tall and then falling in on itself. In form less grandeur than it's counterpart but just as exhilarating. It's hard to say if any of Bungle's Brazilian background comes through in the record as when you know about an artist, your mind can fill in the gaps with what it may expect to hear. What is certain however is that both tracks transport you to a place other than your own. Maybe a good point to find out more from Bungle himself?

Being your second outing on Soul:r following "The Need Of Being Alone", your latest 12" was commissioned by Marcus Intalex himself. Were both tracks written entirely for Soul:r or were they in part started already previously?

I've tried for a long time to make specific material for Soul:r but in the end, I didn't quite like it. The moment I forgot about it was exactly when I would be able to achieve something personal again like I did in 'Good Times' and funny enough Marcus wanted it.

"Astral Travel" is a straight up liquid roller of the calibre that keeps Soul:r held in such high esteem as a label. What was the main influence behind the track?

I didn't have anything in mind, this track was just about letting it go without really trying to get somewhere.

"Aura" offers a completely different approach and vibe to "Astral Travel". A more ambient affair and as welcome at home as in the club, how did you approach the track?

I had one track started and finished by the morning. It was like "homework done" so I decided to just create something for myself. Once I had the sample, the kick and the bass, the whole vibe came in and all the rest came up pretty quick.

During the 90's there were no Brazilian drum & bass producers breaking into the world scene. However over the last decade especially there has been an influx, from Marky to S.P.Y. to BTK and yourself. What has changed to allow both yourself and others to break through to the once closely guarded UK scene?

I think independent of where you come from and when, its about what you speak through your music.

With continuing singles and 2 full length artist albums under your belt, what is next for Bungle?

There is some material done, and plans going on and off, right now I'll let "Aura" breath for some time.