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Consequence on Etcht


Organic favorite and abstract form creator Consequence shares with us the story behind his new Etcht imprint and the Etchtech Libraries.

After several years on Exit Records and effectively three album projects (two as Consequence, one as They Live), Etcht appears from the outside as a more focussed platform for what you do. How long has the label been developing up to this point, both as a concept and a work in progress?

The label has been a concept for a good few years. I was very close to setting it up about three years ago but the time didn't feel right. There has been a lot of work from the A&R side of things. Even though the idea of the label is to be diverse as possible, the music still needs to have a certain theme. I almost see it as having to be somewhat cold, almost dark in places yet with some sense of hope. It's not all misery. There has been some great demos coming in, I am very excited to unveil some of this music soon.

The first EP from yourself plays as a controlled ode to order in chaos. From the glitch percussion of "Lyon" that progresses into a breakbeat, to the overt freestyle noise at the tail end of "Oearser". It is almost noise-scaping. How much does the reclaimation of noise play into your work?

For the past while I have started compiling a new set up which includes lots of noise generators and distortion units. It is very important to me that all the tones on my records these days are created from my own hands, and relying less on sampling. I find working with more abstract sounds gives me more inspiration to find unusual rhythms and grooves.

"I like to let people think what they want, they can call my music what they want."

Etcht has the feeling of everything you have done up to now coming to a pinnacle. The full realization of a musical ideal. How far does Etcht stray from any limitations, self imposed or otherwise that may have existed before?

I have never felt that I had any limitations . Whilst working on the album projects for Exit, dBridge always made it very clear that he was happy for me to do what I wanted.
In fact he encouraged as much experimentation as possible.

Etcht has given me the ability to release and expose music that I never really felt would fit on anyone else's platform.
The idea of Etcht is to present music that does not fit exactly into any shape. There should not be any limitations in the music that will be released on the label, it doesn't work with its ethos.

While this is the first release of full tracks, it is not the only output to date from Etcht. Through the Etchtech Libraries project you have put together sound packs from Arovane and yourself. Is this purely a production tool or something more?

The idea of the sound libraries is very loose. They are there to be used for anything. They could be used on anything from music production to film fx work. Having Arovane come on board for the first offering was a great honour for the label. He is a greatly talented producer which I have great respect for.
There will be more Etchtech Libraries coming soon, hopefully a new one each month. We have just released 003 which is a collection of pads and noises produced by myself.
I have a collection of synths ranging from older analogue stuff to newer digital gear. The packs the I produce will be focused around cataloguing my personal collection of gear and patches.

When you've spoken to Organic in the past, you have discussed genre classifications - "It doesn't need to have a breakbeat, it doesn't need to have a big mid riff... I honestly believe drum & bass can be a hi hat and a sub line for the whole tune; ch, ch, ch, ch, ch... And that's it." The music you make has more in common with the likes of Autechre than it may do with conventional bass music or drum & bass. Does Etcht see you breaking away from the pack? Moving away from the 170 stable and into something broader classification wise?

I have completely let go of trying to work within any single genre. To be honest a lot of my music probably has never really sat within a classification. My interests lay more in the idea of experimenting and looking to new areas. My music has become more selfish in a lot of ways. I would never move completely away from working around the drum and bass idea. I will always work across all styles no matter what tempo. I like to let people think what they want, they can call my music what they want.

"It is very important to me that all the tones on my records these days are created from my own hands, and relying less on sampling."

What can we expect in the future from Etcht?

Etcht002 is coming up in October with a 12'' from Cam Chorder. Following that we have a number of releases planned across all styles, some from some new names and some from some well known artists. As well as more Etchtech Libraries from the Etcht artists.

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