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Dark Audio


Here at Organic HQ we’re always looking for something new to listen to. If it’s “that” podcast or an illusive mix, fresh music has a way of making our ears twitch. Recently we’ve got involved with Dark Audio ( and since then, we haven’t spent much time away from the site. We get the low down from Will and Matt who keep the wheels in motion.

1. We at Organic first found out about DA when you started supporting our weekly show. What is DA, what is the ethos behind it and how did it all start?

DA (darkaudio) started 5 years ago as a small online portal for us to store and share our own mixes, but we then made it freely available to everyone. It’s now developed into a community centred around sharing quality deep and dark music. DA is kind of like other hosting sites such as SoundCloud except we put a lot of time into promoting a particular sound and particular artists, not just through the main homepage, but also through the podcast, events and club nights.

2. Quality control on DA is really high, especially considering the nature of the internet allowing everything and anything to enter the public domain. How do you maintain the level of quality?

Thanks! We personally listen to every mix that's uploaded just to keep control of the content. All mixes are sorted into the correct genre, so if you search on the site for tech house or dnb, you’ll find tech house or dnb not something else! We also make sure that all the uploads are dance music related and from that particular artist… not an artist uploading someone else’s mixes or tracks.

3. Who have been the real highlights on DA and who for you has made the most impact to the DA community?

A few names that come to mind are Jeremy Doty, Danny Stott, Fonik, MMX and Riley. We’ve hosted events in London with some of these DJ’s and in the future we hope to do more, especially with the overseas members of the DA community. The good thing about the site is that it attracts DJ’s and producers from all around the world and we love finding real quality underground sounds from less well known artists. There’s maybe a bit too much out there in the way of podcasts and sites that promote mixes from big name’s that often don’t live up to expectations, so DA is a good medium for exposing new talent and music from anyone, anywhere in the world.

4. What can we expect from DA in the future?

Our venue in London reached it’s capacity so we’re on the lookout for something new. We’re also organizing a mini festival/free party in an industrial farm building for 2011, as well as few things in Ibiza. The podcast and homepage are now getting a good following so hopefully soon we can arrange some funding through advertising to develop the next stage of the site. We’re also designing a mini mp3 player that streams music directly from the site, so we’ve got a few things going on!

Will & Matt.