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Ahead of "Spectrum & Organic Present" on 18th March in Dublin, we catch up with one of the headliners FD, to talk beats, the nature of collaboration and what the irish drum & bass heads can expect from him on the night... With a flurry of solid releases on leading labels like Metalheadz and Critical, you can bet your top dollar that FD is gonna drop some serious bombs!

Through consistent output on top drawer labels like Metalheadz and Critical, and collaborations with drum & bass big hitters like Ulterior Motive you have managed to quickly climb through the drum & bass echelons as a producer. Did you make a conscious decision to limit your work to a select group of labels? As a new skool artist what are the advantages of collaboration and affiliation?

Yes, for sure - but it was a two fold decision in that, I wanted my tracks to come out on labels that i respect and think do 'their job' well, but also that the labels thought the tracks were good enough to come out too.

With so many people making tracks now, it can be quite hard to stick out. I've been really lucky to collaborate with people like Ulterior Motive, Zero T, Fracture, people who's music i really like and respect, but they also happen to be friends of mine. This usually leads to the whole process being more fun than anything else which is what it's all about for me. If you collaborate with other people, you can have the benefit of it making people take notice of you when otherwise you might get sucked into the ether. But more importantly, it's always a great way to get on a vibe, learn new techniques, share your own methods and also give you that extra confidence to push your tracks.

Before becoming a recognized producer, you promoted the London mixed genre event Medium for several years. How has your perspective and opinions changed from booking artists to now being booked regularly yourself?

I promoted nights for nearly ten years so i've really seen it from the promoters side. Since stopping I don't think my perspective has changed, I just also have a first hand view of being on the other side.

I hope i've always looked at it this way but basically, it's really important to remember that musicians and promoters both need each other. Promoters are always facing an uphill battle to bring people through the door, to book line ups that are exciting and fresh whilst keeping the door price reasonable - and musicians are trying to make a living! I think it's good if there can be an open and honest dialogue between both parties and if both are willing to be reasonable, fair and see each others point of view, both can do ok from the situation.

On 18th March you are playing at "Spectrum & Organic Present" at The Twisted Pepper in Dublin, what can the Irish crowd expect? What is a typical FD set?

I'm really looking forward to it, I've heard great things about the venue and the recent events there.

When i play, i always think back to when i used to go out when i was younger and more a listener - all i wanted to hear was fresh music that i'd never heard before all night long and so that's what i try and do when i play out now.

When I DJ, I don't like there to be one mood to a set, i like to try and take it through stages and different emotions and really try and read the crowd, see what they are enjoying too. Therefore it should hopefully encompass a bit of everything - definitely lots of new tunes from all my favourite producers, a few of my own too and also a couple of wicked older bits that maybe people have forgotten about.

In Dublin, you will also be joined by Sam Kdc, who you have spent time in the studio with. Can you tell us a little bit about the dynamic between the 2 of you and how this translates so well for this line up and event in general?

I've known Sam for quite a while now, i think i first heard his tunes maybe four years ago when he sent them to a label i was working for at the time. We started speaking on the phone a bit and he's just such a cool and personable guy, we instantly hit it off and started speaking more. We started sending each other tunes, giving each other feedback and the mutual musical respect and friendship continued to grow and so getting in the studio together was a logical thing to do too. We always have a wicked time making beats together, listening to loads of different music, getting inspired and then trying to put it down 'on paper' with our own twist - hopefully some of them may see the light of day some time!

Perhaps our music could be seen as quite different but i think there's a lot of common ground between what we do and i think the way we play too - trying to create an atmosphere and a mood and really grab people's attention. Hopefully this will mean that the two sets will link together well, bounce off each other and create an interesting vibe for the night.

Spectrum & Organic Present… FD & Sam Kdc

March 18th 2010
@The Twisted Pepper.
54 Middle Abbey St, Dublin 1.


FD (Metalheadz/ Critical)
SAM KDC (31 Records)

Admission: 10 Euro