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Fourth Coming


New skool label Crescent is about to drop the fourth installment in it's excellent 12" vinyl series, we caught up with label manager Alex to find out more about Rowl's "Egipto".

Crescent 004 sees a new artist join the ranks of Mode, Troy Gunner and Eleven8. What can you tell us about Rowl and the tracks "Egipto" and "Someone"?

Well, I’d been keeping my ears out for Rowl’s output since his earlier collaborative work with Versa on Smokin’ Sessions. It was just a waiting game until I heard something that I thought would be a perfect fit for Crescent. That first tune was "Egipto", which I had heard floating around online and was completely blown away by it – I think I sat there and bashed it on repeat a good few times that evening, always a great sign.

Fortunately, he lives with Troy (Gunner) and was therefore pretty easy to get hold of. After an intro and going back and forth on a couple of potential tracks, I stumbled across "Someone", another standout tune from the bunch. In hindsight the release shaped itself fairly naturally.

ASC's remix of "Egipto" is absolutely stunning and completely reworks the original, how far was he briefed before remixing the track?

Thanks! Glad you like it.

In all honesty James (ASC) wasn’t really briefed at all. We had a short discussion about the tempo and style, but the only conclusion was to go with what felt natural. I think that asking someone to deliver a tune to a spec is only going to limit his creative potential, which seems counter productive as that’s the reason we had reached out to him in the first place. On first listen of "Egipto" he said he immediately had ideas springing to mind – so he just ran with it, and here it is!

As a series, in terms of continuity and direction, how is Crescent looking at release number 4 in your opinion?

To be honest, when it comes to Crescent, I find ‘theme’ a far more interesting concept than continuity and direction; perhaps this is quite apparent in our artwork and the cross-genre output we’re known for so far.

The goal with Crescent was always to create a trustworthy output of eclectic deep music for the sensitive and discerning listener. The label, I hope, will act as a seal of quality applicable across whatever tempo suits our deep & soulful vibe , as opposed to a staple source of ‘THIS KIND OF MUSIC’, if that makes sense.

Down the line, we hope to pleasantly surprise people with our diversity while maintaining our theme. I see some labels (although not many, mind) making a name for themselves doing similarly, (R&S, Apollo, 2nd Drop, & maybe Hotflush a few years ago - to name a few) so I don’t see why we can’t strive to be of that stature.

Rowl - "Egipto" / "Someone" / "Egipto" (ASC Remix) is out 22nd July