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We've been hearing alot of street level hype about a production outfit called G.H.O.S.T. As ever we like to be quick off the mark when it comes to shouting about new talent so we've hunted them down to find out more.

You seem to be in demand, having had your tracks featured in our DJ top 10s as well as in Need For Mirrors' guest mix. This said we don't know alot about you! Who and what is G.H.O.S.T?

Thanks a lot for the interest in our music! We're really chuffed to have had the support we had. We are a collective of four friends, Lewis, Will, Matt & Tom. We all share a like minded interest for music and production and G.H.O.S.T is about bringing all our different influences together.

We've had some glimpses of the amazing artwork from your own vinyl imprint. How did the label come about, what is the ethos and is it exclusively for your own output?

Thanks, yeah, we're absolutely blown away by Pascals work too. We had been DJing and making tunes together for a couple of years and the opportunity arose via Rico at SRD (big up!), to put the music out ourselves. We really liked the idea of having the chance to do everything, so we decided to go for it and started Goldman Records. Our ethos? Well, the label is a way for us to release our own music in the package we want; having full control over the creative direction. Goldman Records is an outlet exclusively for original ghost material.

There are several of you involved in G.H.O.S.T, how does that work in the studio? you must have alot of chairs!?

You are not the first ones to ask that question!

It's never been a problem, to be honest, as we work in many different ways. Often, one of us will bring an idea to the table and we'll work on it and we all contribute to it until we're happy. Sometimes tracks change direction many times, and sometimes they come together quick. We usually all know when it's a 'ghost' track when everyone is on a similar vibe. It's all about vibe and fun in the studio.

What is a signature G.H.O.S.T track? What are your influences and what is you vision of drum & bass?

Drum and bass is such a wide term so that's very difficult to pinpoint. Being four people all coming from different backgrounds and interests in music, we have a very broad base of influences between us. We think this shows in the music we've made together so far, and therefore there isn't just one signature G.H.O.S.T track. We like to keep it moving musically, not sticking to one strict formula.

What is next for G.H.O.S.T?

Wee have our first 12" single coming out on 26th of May, available in all good, independent record shops. The second release will be following shortly after. You will also be able to get the digital version of the first release one week prior to full release (19th of May) exclusively from Juno records. We've got some gigs lined up in the coming months after the vinyl drops, so check our website for more details on that. Also, keep an eye on our Soundcloud for mixes, podcasts and a couple of upcoming freebies in the near future. We have a lot of material that we are working on at the moment, which we're planning on releasing this year.