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On the 28th January Eternia Music label boss and Lithuanian Drum & Bass ambassador Intakx makes his long overdue London debut at One.Seventy. In anticipation we caught up with the man himself.

Since 2011 Eternia Music has consistently promoted and released deeper, more experimental Drum & Bass from the likes of Sam KDC, Jalex, DYL, Overlook, Loxy, NotioN and June Miller to name just a few. How do you source music for the label? What is the A&R process?

Even from the day one, I never had a really particular concept or the plan of how the label should sound. It has always been an everlasting empathy for a deeper sound of Drum & Bass, a mind full of protest thoughts and a never-ending search for alternative in the music I love.

It has always been a very thin line between underground and pop culture, between classic and fashion, between dance and statics. The thin line only I can understand but even I can't express in words.

Honestly, I don't have a successful theory of how come to find a perfect track for Eternia. It's always different - whether it's a private link sent to me or the track I hear In someone's mix - it doesn’t really take long until I realise this is the tune for the label I run. Of course this sort of formula doesn’t always work, and then you can blame me for not releasing some tunes i've signed ages ago, but I guess it happens to 90% of the labels. You simply can't put everything out you think you like. It’s the same as the referee decision in football - if you're not sure, don't point to the spot.

As Intakx you are a staple on the Lithuanian Drum & Bass scene, you've also hosted the Eternia label nights in Brighton. How does running Eternia Music inform you as a DJ?

I doubt there's a really big difference being DJ before Eternia was launched and being a DJ nowadays. I used to have the same skills and approach, maybe my taste has become a bit more mature. I’m not the sort of DJ/label owner who relies solely on his label's and his friends stuff, in this case i'm trying be more open-minded as I really like to cross paths when DJing. Sometimes I mix music which is not related to Drum & Bass, sometimes I try to mix different sub-genres of 170 BPM music most DJs won't do for reasons unknown. I let myself make mistakes - this makes it feel more fun.

maybe we should officially name it as Post-Drum & Bass or even Anti-Drum & Bass to attract that rare dying breed of raver? - Intakx

Nowadays I would like to become more of selector/digger type than a DJ who plays the newest dubs that no one will remember in the next few months. I love to come back to my old file library of the tunes which never see daylight or browsing Discogs for hours in a search for some hidden gems of the genre. These factors keep my love for Drum & Bass still.

Lithuania's bass music scene seems extremely strong looking from the UK with night like Souled, Sirius and The Night On Eternia regularly bringing in top flight talent from across Europe. How do you assess the scene at home?

Thanks, that's a big compliment and I like that people keep telling me it. We're a small country and in a whole perspective of bass music we do a quite big job - even if it sounds a bit of overreaction vibe. It seems like there are quite a good bunch of talented bass music DJs, a few promoters but we lack people who do beats and release them via foreign labels, but i'm sure it's just a matter of time. I'd really like to see more open-minded people with a good taste of style and humour at Drum & Bass parties over there but maybe we should officially name it as Post-Drum & Bass or even Anti-Drum & Bass to attract that rare dying breed of raver?

You're playing at One.Seventy on the 28th January, what can we expect? What's in the bag?

I’m really excited for this one, as I couldn't make my London debut last year, so this one is a must. I haven’t played Sunday session for ages - it mighty a bit tough for me. But anyway, you can expect some classics, some Eternia forthcomings, some leftfield music and some glimpses of trance, if you want.

What is coming up next on Eternia Music?

There's a little break at Eternia at the moment as I'm finishing the touches on this years schedule and some projects i've started. But there's pretty good things on the way - up next is a various artists remix EP which will contain some re-visions of the label's classics made by Gremlinz, NotioN, Es.tereo and Eusebeia, after that we'll have a German boys Contact Lost & Turrican making their debut alongside epic remix by Synkro, a pack of Apostroph's instant classic "Bounty Hunter" remixes, Akinsa's solo single, a dark horse releasing under the artist name 'Title' amongst others. As well few re-issues and a new sub-label are the main focuses for 2018. Oh, and maybe we're finally ready for 12" and first full length album compilation. So better watch this space.

You can catch Intakx performing at One.Seventy on 28th January.

For more information about One.Seventy please click HERE